Samurai Flamenco Episode 3

Aw, model-Masayoshi has fans.

Online videos of Samurai Flamenco have gone viral and talk-shows are rife with speculation as to who the masked crusader really is. The problem is that Masayoshi’ ‘mask’ doesnt obscure quite enough of his face, and his manager Ishihara is already believing him to be the one. Masayoshi is determined to deny this, and she is determined to believe he is lying…however, ‘luckily’ for Masayoshi, somebody else appears on live TV revealing themselves as Samurai Flamenco. This someone is the tokusatsu action star Kaname Joji, who plays Masayosh’s beloved hero Red Axe. Whilst Masayoshi is flattered to get to meet one of his idols, he can’t tolerate him ‘stealing’ the Samurai Flamenco name even if it did throw suspicion off him. The thing is, Kaname isn’t just an actor, he’s strong and disciplined and definitely more capable of being a superhero than Masayoshi.

I just…I have to include some of the ‘quality’ animation. There’s too much of it.
The cutest fanboy.

The low production quality of this show is really starting to irk me. It’s managing to carry itself with its comedy and heart, but I just can’t help think about how much better it would be with a higher budget and better animation. (And perhaps, for that matter, better music. Some of the tracks are starting to become annoying.)
The plot of this episode is one that often features in Hero shows – the ‘fake’ hero, and the real hero having to clear up the misunderstanding. The difference of course is that in the Hero shows the fake hero is usually antagonistic and whose purpose it is to slander the Hero. Here, Kaname is a huge advantage for Masayoshi – his existence led everyone to stop suspecting he himself was Samurai Flamenco (it wasnt just Ishihara; even some random schoolgirls asked him if he was the one), and he’s far more qualified for the job. Yet, that’s also part of the problem; Samurai Flamenco was Masayoshi’s own dream and something he wanted to do himself, so understandably having someone better try to steal his thunder makes him upset. Speaking of which, I’m not entirely sure on the reasons Kaname decided to pretend to be SamFlam. He doesn’t seem like an entirely bad guy, if not a bit disturbingly passionate (he punched one of the TV guys in the face by accident) so his motivations probably weren’t malicious. Despite his hokey impassioned speech about wanting to inspire Masayoshi (which, humorously, Gotou saw straight through), this might just have to be chalked up to Kaname being a Hero nut as much as Masayoshi is.
Speaking of Hero Nuts, the idol girl from Mineral Miracle Muse (which I’m just going to call MMM from now on – it seems to be what characters in the show call it anyway) still hasn’t done anything, although she seems to have her suspicions about Masayoshi too.
Overall, this episode didn’t feel to me as good as the previous two but it wasn’t a bad one. It just felt like it was lacking a bit of the passion the first ones had. It did have a very memorable ending concerning Gotou though, which I’m reluctant to spoil.

Again, the cutest fanboy.
I wonder how exactly he got up there.

Out of 5,

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