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Renge-centric episode this time!


Summer vacation starts!

Renge’s other sister, Hikage, who goes to a high school in Tokyo ends up coming home for the summer.  While Renge is ecstatic to have her sister home, Hikage is soon overshadowed by another girl: a girl from the city named Honoka.  Honoka is the same age as Renge, and is in the country to visit her grandmother for the summer.  Renge and Honoka quickly become friends, as Renge shows Honoka the sights so that Honoka can photograph them with her camera.  Unfortunately, their friendship was not meant to last… or will it?

Hikage. Something about the way she dresses and styles her hair reminds me of Mato from the Black Rock Shooter series.

It must be nice to be at an age where everything is amazing…

this series was not supposed to be this sad

My Opinion:

I WAS TOTALLY NOT EXPECTING THIS SERIES TO BE SO TOUCHING.  When I first began blogging this series, I thought this would just be a gag slice-of-life series set in the countryside.  But this episode and the last definitely proved that there is more to Non Non Biyori than you’d first expect.

Now, this plotline has probably already been done in many anime before; where two kids become friends because they met during the summer, but one of them is from another place and has to leave when summer ends.  But Non Non Biyori still manages to do it well and that’s what counts.  The episode is way more poignant because Renge, the youngest of the cast, is the one that experiences it.  And I have to talk about that extended zoom-in sequence on Renge’s face.  It might seem a bit excessive, but I think it was really powerful because… Renge is so young that she probably didn’t even realize that Honoka would have to leave when the summer’s over.  In that moment, it finally hits her: Honoka might be gone forever.  And then she starts tearing up and urgh, I felt like tearing up too.  Fortunately, the episode does end on a somewhat happy note.

Overall, this was probably the best episode on Non Non Biyori so far.  There were almost no gags here, but it’s just a very touching episode.  The backgrounds in this were top notch, and the music really did a good job setting the atmosphere.  This episode may probably be a bit too sad for those expecting a comedic series, but I rather like it when anime surprise me like this.

Out of five:

precure heart2precure heart2precure heart2precure heart2 and 1/2

“I’ll see you next summer.”