Run! Run from the quality background people!

Poor Masayoshi, he only just got Kaname to stop stealing his thunder and there’s already a new usurper to the superhero throne on the block. Mari from MMM has finally made her move after rescuing Masayoshi from some thugs who want to reveal his identity, and she’s making it as none other than the magical girl inspired ‘Flamenco Girl’. However, she isn’t just a simple copycat. Apparently, she’d been just like Masayoshi, only with a focus on magical girls, collecting various memorabilia, having a wand and costume custom-made, all without even knowing about the existence of Samurai Flamenco. Unfortunately for her, it was Samurai Flamenco that debuted first, dooming her to look like a copy. She doesn’t let this bother her though and tries her darndest to upstage him – which she does to no effort at all. Flamenco Girl is fierce, competent, and, to wrong-doers against women, incredibly dangerous. The thing is…she may just get a little too into punishing the wrong-doers with her pepper-spray shooting wand, taser and ball-crushing-happy heels, which makes Masayoshi uneasy as he always desired to be more peaceful.

Well this is…familiar.

The name does make a good deal more sense than ‘Samurai Flamenco’.

…I’m actually kind of jealous of all her rad stuff.

I said before I’d be really annoyed if Mari ended up as a superhero too, and this was because I expected her to just be a sidekick that copied Masayoshi. I’m pretty glad that this wasn’t the case at all, with Mari apparently having had the idea first. Also, the magical-girl angle is just really neat. Whether she ends up teaming up with Masayoshi or not, I think this is the best way they could have done it.
Yet…I’m still really not sure how I feel about Mari as a character. I love that she’s fierce and fearless, and I love that she seems to focus on crimes against women. I hope that it doesn’t get overly preachy about how her force is to excessive – in some cases it definitely was, but for most of them I honestly thought the guys deserved it. You go, girl. Getting carried away aside, I think Flamenco Girl makes for a good character, it’s just Mari herself I’m still unsure about. Underneath the costume she borders on a little annoying and whiney, and I really hope her throwing tantrums doesn’t become a thing. I’m going to be optimistic about her though, half because I like the idea of her alter ego and half because I feel sorry for her for all the ridiculous hate she’s already getting from the fandom. Most of this hate is because she dares to have a crush on Gotou that only activated upon seeing him in his police uniform, to which I say good on her, girl’s got taste. Speaking of which, this kills my dumb theory that she was actually Gotou’s girlfriend, who we may or may not ever end up actually seeing. (I was amused to find out that Gotou apparently messages her about Masayoshi way too much to the extent that she’s getting jealous. I hardly expect Mari’s going to be any threat to your precious ship, people.)
Anyway, I hope poor Masayoshi gets the chance to be vaguely cool again next week; he deserves the spotlight again.

Masayoshi just looks so awkward.

The Strongest Hero.

I didn’t notice when I watched it, but the shines in her eyes here are actually hearts.

Out of 5,