Man, this review is waaaaaay overdue.  Anyway, the review for episode five of Non Non Biyori will be out shortly (probably within a day if everything works out), so enjoy this one in the meantime.

Hmm, that bunny looks familiar…


It’s that time of year again!  Every year, there’s an event called the “Station Opening,” where items that people wish to dispose of get floated away to the grand train station in order to be gotten rid of.  Which is handy, since everything in Mirror Kyoto repairs itself automatically, making throwing things away more than a little difficult.  However, there seems to be one minor loophole to the whole mess—things broken with Koto’s hammer don’t repair themselves.



Yase, who is revealed to be a hoarder in this episode, obviously HATES Station Opening day with a passion.  When a naughty Yokai under her command throws away some of her things, including her prized teacup, she is understandably upset.  Somehow, Koto gets dragged into this mess, and learns the reasons WHY Yase is such a hoarder.  Koto tries to make things better, but maybe possibly just makes things worse—but then makes things better at the end.

Koto is a BAMF. Look at that form!

My Opinion:

Vague summary is vague!  Sorry, but I thought this was a really good episode, and it’s really something that you have to experience on your own (so I won’t spoil it for you).

The spotlight is on Yase this time.  Although I wasn’t too impressed with Yase as a character when I first watched the original short film, and throughout the OWAs, the official anime series has really won me over to her.  Because we are actually given a reason for the way she acts, and why she’s so angry about losing her “favorite teacup.”  In the past, it was played purely for laughs; but knowing the history behind it now, I actually feel really sorry for Yase.  Yase is probably the one who was closest to the rabbit Koto, whom she deeply loved as a mother.  Their interactions (through flashbacks) in this episode were very sweet and touching.

Now, time for some more technical things.  While some QUALITY ANIMATION did strike again, luckily it was only on some of the minor scenes.  All the scenes featuring Yase were very lovely, and I absolutely love the way her fancy dress is animated.  Yase wears the most elaborate outfit of all the cast, so animating her alone must have been a huge feat.  Moving on to the plot of the episode… yes, this episode was based on yet another Original Web Animation, but this one was definitely much more tweaked than the others before it.  The ending in the OWA is vastly different compared to what happens here, which I think is good because of difference in tone.  The OWA was less Yase-focused, so her “story” ends on somewhat of a light-hearted note.  But here, we finally see that Yase isn’t just all tea parties and we get a glimpse into a much more melancholy aspect of her life.  Thus, the ending change.  While the OWA this was based on was enjoyable, I think I far prefer this episode’s revamped story.

Overall, Kyousougiga continues to amaze me.  While Kurama’s spotlight episode felt a bit dull at times, this one kept me glued to the screen until the end.  I know it’s a bit premature to say this; but this episode will most likely become one of my favorites.

Out of five for this episode:

precure heart2precure heart2precure heart2precure heart2 and 1/2

All’s well that ends well I guess?