Kyousougiga (TV) Episode 5


The past few episodes were based on the 2012 ONAs so I didn’t bother putting up a spoiler warning.  While this one IS also based on one of the past ONAs, some pretty big revelations get dropped here so be wary!

Yeah, this isn’t going to be a very happy episode.


We get a deeper look into Myoue’s (real name: Yakushimaru) life and past, including how he was found by the original Myoue, and how he eventually gained Myoue’s name and title.

Don’t you think it’s a bit cruel comparing Myoue to a dog?
The passing of the title.

In the present-day, Myoue gets angry after being reminded of his past, and kicks Koto out of the house for a night.  However, he comes to regret this decision and reconciles with her the next day.  When they hang out together in a wheat field, Myoue makes a couple revelations and then strikes an agreement with Koto…

Gorgeous scenery!
Koto always looks so lovely in close-ups.

My Opinion:

Oof, this episode.  Where to begin…

I really liked Myoue’s episode, even as an ONA.  So I wasn’t really all that bothered when quite a bit of footage got re-used here.  Unfortunately (I suppose?) the ONA for this ended on a much happier note.  This episode, however, ends on a very unsettling and even depressing one.  It is not at all out of character for Myoue/Yakushimaru, but man; what a bombshell that was.  I’m… I’m torn.  I really liked the ending to the ONA, but I suppose the change needed to be made in order to make the anime’s plot flow better.  Well, the overall message is still the same, but the tone is now vastly different…

Anyway, it’s nice that Myoue’s past is expanded on, since we actually see how Myoue/Yakushimaru was “adopted” and it’s… actually really morbid and sad.  Myoue wasn’t kidding when he said he had it the hardest of the three children.  While we get a bunch of new footage here, a lot of new footage suffers from some slight QUALITY ANIMATION.  For such a high-end series as Kyousougiga, though; I’m willing to let it slide.  The art direction in Kyousougiga is more goregeous than a lot of popular anime.

Overall, this episode was good.  It was heartbreaking, but oh so good. Next… well this week, there was just a special where two of the VAs of the series went to real-life Kyoto to tour.  So I won’t be doing a review of that episode.  Which means I’ve sort of caught up on this series!  …For now.  See you hopefully next week for episode 6!

Out of five for this week’s episode:

precure heart2precure heart2precure heart2precure heart2


these aren’t tears in my eyes what are you talking about

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