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Hell hath no fury like a mother’s wrath after she finds out your bad grades.


As summer vacation starts winding down, we get a peek into the Koshigaya household.  Natsumi is chastised for her bad grades, though it appears that her attitude is a large part of the problem.

I wish I was as good as making plushies as Hotaru…

Next, we go to Hotaru’s household, where Hotaru ends up amassing a large amount of Komari plushies (that she made).  When the three other girls decide to stop by her house to hang out, Hotaru is forced to hide her stash of plushies lest there is a misunderstanding.

Renge, you’re too precious.

Finally, Natsumi decides to host a “test of courage.”  Komari, the one who’s most afraid of ghosts/the dark, is able to secure herself as the appointed “scarer,” though it quickly becomes a bigger job than she can handle.  The girls eventually close the night out with some fireworks.

“At least cut eye-holes in the sheet!” — Komari

My Opinion:

I thought this was a much better episode than the last, simply because the jokes were more varied.

We get a bunch of small plot-lines this time, but they actually tie in to each other well enough to make a coherent episode.  And we finally see the Komari plushie that Hotaru decided to make at the end of episode 2!  Well, more like “plushies” because she ended up making so many, but that’s what makes Hotaru so awkwardly adorable.  I really loved all the girls’ interactions this episode.  From the charades between the two sisters, to Hotaru’s awkwardness, and Renge’s… whatever it is; their amusing interactions are what really drive this series.  The gags themselves are good, but what makes it great are the characters.

That said, I did think the “test of courage” gag fell a bit flat.  Gags involving/centering on Komari are just not that funny to me personally.  Because usually, they’re not clever—they just involve a lot of screaming on Komari’s end.  Either because she’s upset about her height/being treated like a child, or getting scared of the dark/ghosts.  Komari is quickly becoming my least favorite character because of this.  I don’t hate her, but I’m quickly becoming bored of her as a character.

Overall, a pretty good episode.  The “test of courage” gag runs a bit too long for my tastes, and isn’t that funny (personally) to boot, but all in all it could have been worse I guess.  At least the background animation is still as lovely as ever.

Anyway, out of five:

precure heart2precure heart2precure heart2 and 1/2

Summer sunset.