She seems to own at least 4 of these outfits – which is quite practical.

Masayoshi is continuing to be Flamenco Girl’s unwilling sidekick, and is liking the gig less and less. Not only does he wish to resolve issues with more peaceful means than she does, the reward money for unmasking her is far more than his was. The whole thing has made him question exactly what it means to be an ally of justice- and questions it even more when he is given a bit part on a new superhero show. The director of the show is one of his own heroes, yet meeting him isn’t anything like he thought. Is it really possible for a hero of such pure intentions as Samurai Flamenco to exist in reality? Masayoshi’s grandfather certainly seemed to think so – as the character Samurai Flamenco was his own creation that he loved more than anything.

Gotou is…rarely ever amused.

She…she literally bought a bunch of occupational dakimakura to beat up (and hug, in the case of the Policeman)

This episode was more sombre than any of the others so far, and in places it was admittedly a little slow. But the central theme of it – of the at times crushing truth in the gap between the ideal and reality – is something that may ring true for a lot of us. It also really showed that Masayoshi is either really, really committed to his dream, or that his delusions know no bounds, because meeting your superhero director idol only to have them tell you that they can’t actually remember specific details that you’ve memorized as it’s really just a business to them could have been soul-crushing to somebody else. For our hero, though, despite his disappointment it gave him the drive to try even harder. Which is really just what he needed, what with playing second fiddle to Flamenco Girl and losing the spotlight in his own anime.
I’m quite glad that Flamenco Girl decided to agree to working separately (whilst perhaps helping each other out occasionally) and doing their own things without too much of a fuss. I’m also glad that now she’s turned MMM into a full-blown magical girl team, which is simultaneously funny and adorable, as well as giving those other MMM girls more screen time. (I’d always felt like they didn’t get enough.)

Finally, some teamwork.


Out of 5,

Episode 6

Frankly I’m surprised he even agreed to this.

But unfortunately for Masayoshi, possessing the passion doesn’t necessarily translate to success, especially considering that unlike Flamenco Girl, he lacks any real weapons. Fortunately for Masayoshi though, he’s just about to get a visit from a superhero cartoon-esque scientist who wishes for him to succeed, and has the hilariously stationery-themed weapons to help him do it.
This is just as well, because ‘Flamenco Fever’ has reached its peak on Twitter as everybody tries to track him down and win the reward money for unmasking him. Masayoshi is going to find out, first-hand, what the lure of money can do to people.
Meanwhile, Mari still has her sights set firmly on the policeman of her dreams (Gotou), although he insists to her that he’s taken and is happily in a long-distance relationship. Mari is somewhat skeptical of this, insisting that he’s actually in love with Masayoshi.

…why not just call it a stapler.

It was nice of this guy to turn out to be not such a jerk, although I’m amused that his twitter name is literally just ‘megane’.

It could be just me, but I think the animation quality was actually somewhat better this time around. It’s not that the content of the last few episodes has been particularly bad per se, but something about the direction just made it not as interesting to watch as it could have been. I’m glad that this episode had a return to form, and it was honestly pretty exciting. It was also absolutely ridiculous and that’s the Samurai Flamenco I love.
His new weapons are fancy stationery, and that’s brilliant. He can shoot erasers at people. He can staple foes’ clothes together to make an escape. He can use a tape measure like a grapling hook that lets him swing like a Spiderman. It’s pretty much the stupidest thing to ever happen in the show, but it fits him so well. As for his mysterious benefactor, to be honest I was kind of skeptical about the fact that he came out of nowhere, it seemed a little too convenient. However, it seems that he’s really just another hero nut, because Flamenco Fever is causing them all to come out of the woodwork now. And speaking of, the Flamenco Girls are still great. I’ve also been warming up more to Mari. I hope they don’t overplay her lusting over Gotou too much, but here it’s necessary to bring up his mysterious girlfriend. I…kind of want to talk about this mysterious girlfriend for a bit. There’s a lot of speculation in the fandom right now that this is the most long-distance relationship possible – in other words, it’s entirely possible that she’s actually been dead this whole time. It’s not just a complete asspull ‘what if’, either – never showing her at all is already suspicious, and then there’s that brief little segment in the opening that shows Gotou throwing some roses into the sea while wearing a black suit. That brief little segment I…somehow never really thought anything about until now. Of course, it’s only specula at the moment – those roses could have been for an ex or a relative, for example, although there’s definitely a twist in store about Gotou’s girlfriend. But damn. If this turns out to be true, that means that Gotou has probably been writing these texts to himself the entire time and pretending he’s having a conversation with her. It would mean that straight-laced Gotou is almost as, or even more, delusional than the ‘crazy Hero nuts’ he complains about. It seems like it’s been a while since an anime has crushed my heart into a paste, so I’m really dying to know what the hell is going on here. (As an amusing silver lining to this potential tragedy, it would also mean that Gotou had literally been telling himself that Masayoshi is all he thinks about. They sure did push the ‘these two are gay’ joke a lot in this episode so it’d be nice if it actually did go somewhere.)


what are you doing

Out of 5,