Those glasses don’t look bad on him.

Due to the combined power of Masayoshi’s ridiculous new weapons and the Flamenco Girls, crime has really been cleaned up lately. While this should be a good thing, our heroes can’t help but feel a little…bored, particularly Mari. But not quite as bored as their growing audience, who had been really enjoying the spectacle.
This does give Masayoshi more time to focus on his modelling career as well as to get through the rest of his late grandfather’s notes and origin story for Samurai Flamenco. And that’s where he hits a huge twist in the story – Samurai Flamenco’s parents never died of illness, they were murdered, with the attacker never caught. But that’s not all, Samurai Flamenco’s origin story turns out to be influenced from true events – his grandfather had included the newspaper clipping about the murder of Masayoshi’s own parents, whom he had grown up thinking had died from illness. This new information sends him spiralling into confusion and depression, and the weight of it all strips him of any motivation to seek revenge. Luckily he has Gotou to listen to him and lend some advice, and convince him to continue being a beacon of hope for the people.
Masayoshi agrees, and later accompanies Gotou on a drug bust. Suddenly, things get apeshit.

I kinda like these imagination sequences. Yeah…imagination…sequences…

She doesn’t know how to react to the end of the episode that’s all.

More Kid-Masayoshi, more I say.

O-okay. So. Yeah. This sure was an episode. Let’s just start with everything that happened before the drug bust, shall we? To be honest, I thought it was really good. It was shaping up in the way I thought it would, with an even more obvious rift between Masayoshi’s justice fantasies and the seriousness of more heavy crimes like murder. It gave a nicely sombre piece of reflection that let Masayoshi and Gotou become even closer. Being the halfway point of the series, it seemed like the best time for things to take a dark turn.

Well, things certainly took a turn all right. Look, I can’t do what happened justice with mere words, but I can try, along with my reactions.

Masayoshi and Gotou join the drug bust (okay, its showing Masayoshi the hero helping out the community on the police’s side, rather Tiger & Bunny-esque), where they manage to arrest all but one man who refuses to go quietly. He opens a drawer, where there are some pills and a gun. (Oh, no. He’s going to grab the gun and shoot Gotou. That’s the dark twist that’s coming.) HeĀ  doesn’t get either; the SWAT team manage to surround him. (Maybe not, then). He flings them all away with superhuman strength (huh) and then transforms into a giant gorilla (wh) with a guillotine for a stomach (what what am I still watching the same show what the fuck). Guillotine Gorilla starts grabbing the SWAT team men and graphically decapitating them (wHAT) there are waterfalls of blood (AM I STILL WATCHING SAMURAI FLAMENCO) and he throws their bodies out the window (i need a moment), he then tries to kill Masayoshi and Gotou but they manage to push him out the window too. (I need some tea or something). Then another mysterious figure called King Torture or something appears asking Masayoshi if he intends to fight against him and okay I’m out I’m done my brain literally can’t process any of this oh wait the episode is over.
It’s hard to review any of that because it was just so completely left-field and inexplicable that I honestly can’t think of anything to say. Is this show suddenly abandoning its ‘realistic take on superheroes’ plot? Is it a dream? A hallucination? A ridiculously elaborate animatronics special effect show by someone who wanted more entertainment value from Samurai Flamenco? An attempt by the producers of the show to get more attention? I don’t know. If it isn’t going anywhere good, I’ll be pretty annoyed. I said last episode that I was expecting a twist pertaining to Gotou’s girlfriend. I was expecting a twist in the story in general.


It’s not something I’m going to drop the show over because honestly after that…happened I really need to see what the flying hell is going to happen next.

Oh Gotou, always the flatterer.

He really must have had an awful lot of that.

I couldn’t make this shit up if I tried.

Out of 5,