The episode in which we learn that Myoue is a dick.


We see yet more of Yakushimaru’s past, especially how he was revived and became integrated into the High Priest Myoue’s strange family.

I love that Mirror-Kyouto’s scenery has obvious white outlines. It shows that they’re actually just drawings.

Back in present day, Koto and Yakushimaru (now named Myoue), are discussing their parents.  Meanwhile, Yase and Kurama plan a plot together, and steal Koto away on the day of the festival.  Myoue tries to stop them but is unable to.  After Koto is eaten by the giant mecha Bishimaru, she meets with the black rabbit Koto, who is her mother.

Man, having two Koto’s in next week’s episode will make differentiating between them in text a pain… (I know that their names are spelled differently in Japanese but there’s no way to do that in English)

Re-used footage ahoy! (But it’s such a lovely scene so I don’t really mind)

My Opinion:

This episode nicely segues back into the original short/episode zero.  We are now finally caught up to the present storyline, meaning that we’ll finally find out the aftermath of what happened next episode!

There was one big change I noticed, in that during the reunion scene between the two Koto’s, black rabbit Koto hugs the child Koto instead of kissing her like in the original short.  I’m glad the change was made, because now that we know about their relationship, the kiss would be way squicky.  I’m guessing that whole kiss thing was written in before the writer/director decided that Koto would be black rabbit Koto’s child…

Having seen all of the episodes thus far of this anime, I think the series would have been better off NOT showing episode zero.  Because that would just confuse people more than anything else.  If you watched this series starting at episode 1, you would have gotten a pretty good and somewhat coherent telling of the story.  Speaking as someone who has watched all the previous material, I’ve noticed some fairly big re-writes, which sort of lessens my enjoyment a bit.  But at least having been acquainted with this series for so long, I’ve understood more from these anime episodes than most newcomers.  It seems like the anime is the “final and perfect” product so I’m going to accept the new anime installments as canon over the past ONAs.

Anyway, the original Myoue… can we just talk about him for a bit?  It’s amazing how he can come off as such a kind character and yet also such a creepy dude.  While he isn’t necessarily an antagonist or anything, I can’t help but think that what he did to poor Yakushimaru was just evil.  Saving the kid—I’m fine with that.  But making him IMMORTAL?  And then trapping him in a magical drawn city for years and making him rule over it?  That’s just cruel, man.

Overall, this was a very good, very emotional episode.  There are some instances of QUALITY animation, but this series has absolutely beautiful animation otherwise so I’m letting that slide. The title of the next episode suggests that the original Myoue will also be making an appearance (somehow), so I can’t wait for that.

Out of five for this episode:

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