Kyousougiga episode 7’s review might be a bit delayed for next week; we’ll see.  Anyway, on to the review!

Caught in a lie.


It is now autumn, and the episode turns its attention to Komari and her issues with trying to act mature, since she IS the oldest of the girls.  We are also introduced to a new character here; a neighbor of Komari’s named Konomi.

Komari are you just as gay for Hotaru as she is for you

Time and again, even though Komari wishes to act mature, she just can’t pull it off.  From failing badly at cooking, to not knowing the latest fashions, she is constantly one-upped by Hotaru.  Later on, Komari joins Renge and Hotaru to go sketching in the woods, where she once again “fails” at acting mature.

Such lovely colors!


Finally, we join Komari and Natsumi at home hanging out persimmons to dry.

Oh Natsumi.

My Opinion:

I’m sorry I just… don’t care all that much about Komari.  She has a pleasant character design, but I can’t help finding her annoying.  Komari, dear; you should stop worrying so much about being grown-up because you’re already a lot more mature than your sister in a lot of ways.  I know that this is a gag series and therefore Komari’s annoyance at her height and immaturity is supposed to be funny, but I just find it all sort of painful to watch.

All that aside, I really loved the background animation for this episode.  Autumn is indeed a very pretty season, and the episode definitely showcased it well.  I was hoping that the cooking segment in the beginning would last longer since the food looked so good, but ah well.  Also, THAT TEASE.  Will we ever get to hear Suguru talk?  I sort of doubt it, but man that would be such a great way to end the series in the final episode.

We’re surprisingly introduced to a new character here!  It’s strange because it’s so late in the series already, but Konomi seems like an interesting character.  Does she go to school in the city or something though?  Because she doesn’t appear at all in the other girls’ school.  I’m hoping we can see more of her in later episodes, unlike Renge’s other sister who just showed up for all of one episode.

Overall, I still quite like this episode even though it heavily focused on Komari.  Her screaming aside, this was a rather peaceful and beautiful episode to watch.  Will we get more episodes that focus on the other two girls (Hotaru and Natusmi) now?  Only time will tell.

Out of five for this episode:

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Same here (though it’s getting closer to winter, actually).