I know I usually review Nagi no Asukara first as it comes out first, but considering last weeks…happening in SF, I’m sure you’ll understand I wanted to watch this one first. (As for why it’s still late, getting a new kitten tends to put a lot of things on hold.)

Gotou’s had it up to here with King Torture’s crap.

Masayoshi opens his eyes, staring at the ceiling of his bedroom and realizes that he had just woken up from a really stupid dream oh wait no apparently that was all actual real stuff that actually happened last episode, and this episode confirms it – funeral for the decapitated policemen and all.
To recap, there is a Big Bad called King Torture, whose hideout is currently unknown but is able to project massive images onto the city sky where he can taunt the civilians and command them to surrender. His lackeys are all mostly animal-based villains that get more and more ridiculous-looking, who are accompanied by what looks like guys in bondage gimp masks.  Whilst the police force declare that taking care of these new wtf villains will be their responsibility, Samurai Flamenco and the Flamenco Girls prefer to take it into their own hands, fighting through villain after ridiculous villain. There is still no real indication as to What the Hell is Going On Though, Seriously.

They also all yell this before they explode. …I have no idea why they explode, either. Maybe they’re robots? Maybe its a fake explosion? Should I even keep guessing?

This is potentially the stupidest villain I have ever seen.

At least these two are still getting cute scenes.

So uh, I’m still trying to get my head around this new…direction the show is taking. I was honestly hoping for some kind of explanation here – I spent basically the whole first act waiting for it to be revealed that this was all part of the new TV show that Masayoshi was going to appear on, but this is seriously what’s happened. It’s become an actual tokusatsu anime.
Obviously, I have a lot of mixed feelings about this. What made the show so good was that it was a realistic approach to superheroes, but just making it a straightup superhero show with scientifically impossible enemies kind of kills the unique angle it had completely. It’s also impossible to take seriously. I tried, I really did, to just enjoy it as a goofy action show (I mean its not like the show wasn’t goofy enough to begin with) but man oh man these enemies are so ludicrously dumb that I just can’t. Three policemen are dead and its all very serious but I can’t take anything about King Torture and his S&M themed villains seriously. (I gotta give props for having the bondage-horse-shaped villain actually not humiliate the Flamenco Girls in some dumb fanservice display, though.)
But despite how left-field and weird everything is, the biggest downer is that honestly things are just kind of…boring. Actually, considering that Mari seems to think the same thing, the bigger reveal as to what’s going on is clearly still coming (surely they wouldnt have fought so many dumb villains otherwise). It was kind of sweet that Masayoshi was actually worried about the villains exploding (and thus dying), and honestly a little cute that he seemed to adjust so quickly to all this (because now he can finally be the Samurai Flamenco of his dreams), but overall things were just kind of wooden. Even Gotou’s girlfriend is seeming like a less interesting mystery. Plus, the ever-poor animation continues to leave me unimpressed.
There’s still some potential intrigue here; with what exactly happened to Masayoshi (he did seem to go to mourning the villains to being ‘oh well’ about them rather quickly, to the extent that even Gotou’s mysterious girlfried noticed), and since I’m past the halfway point it wouldn’t feel right to not see this out to the end. But man, Samurai Flamenco, what happened?

just look at this ridiculous design.

…never mind this villain was stupider.

Sooo are these two going to go out or not? Neither of them are all that interesting, so I don’t particularly care either way, but I wish they’d stop dancing around the issue.

Out of 5,