Kyousougiga TV Episode 7

Major spoilers ahead!



Koto and Lady Koto finally meet in the space between the two worlds.  After a happy reunion between mother and daughter, the two manage to return back to Mirror Kyoto thanks to Koto’s hammer.  As expected, everyone is happy about the return of Lady Koto.  After spending a day with each of her children, Lady Koto announces that she has to go back to where she came, because she made a promise with the original Myoue that they would return to this world together.  This upsets all of Lady Koto’s children, though they show it in different ways.

Mother-daughter reunions–IN SPACE!

That night, Koto has a private chat with her mom.  Lady Koto confesses that she thought Koto was the original Myoue at first.  Lady Koto then asks that Koto help snap her father out of his “dream.”  This ends up upsetting Koto greatly, though; and she runs to the current Myoue’s house.  Once there, she vents to Myoue about how everyone keeps expecting things of her, and starts bawling.  Unexpectedly, a young man wearing a fox-mask suddenly pops in…

I really love that Lady Koto loves all her children so much.
This series makes me want to live in a shrine as lovely as this.

My Opinion:

Now that the Kyousougiga anime is finally continuing after the original short film, everything from here on out will be new to me too.  And yes, that means that this episode was a bit confusing for me.

I sort of do get the gist of it, though.  Lady Koto mistook kid-Koto for Inari, which would explain the kiss in the original short.  It would also explain why she seems so sad when she realizes that it’s only Koto and not Inari.  Koto’s breakdown near the end of the episode seemed a bit random at first, since I wasn’t sure exactly what she was upset about.  But I guess the pressure of always being forced to fix things, plus the fact that she doesn’t even know much about her origins, was what led to her breakdown.  As charismatic as Koto is, she’s still just a 14 year old kid.  That’s a lot of drama for someone so young.  Another thing I’m unsure about is Mirror Kyoto’s eminent destruction.  I can see that Mirror Kyoto is breaking apart, but I’m not quite clear yet on why.  Is it breaking apart because Koto smashed her way in (at the very beginning of the series), or is it breaking apart because she smashed her way in with Lady Koto?  Or maybe the trauma of getting smashed into two times was more than Mirror Kyoto could take?  Anyway, I’m sure this will be explained by the next few episodes.

This was a rather slow-paced episode (barring the coming “shit hitting the fan” moment at the end), which is fine after all the fast-paced shenanigans in episode 6.  It was really sweet just to see Lady Koto hang out with all her children again.  I also really like how differently all of Lady Koto’s children reacted to her statement that she’ll have to leave again.  Yase immediately gets upset and throws a tantrum; Kurama is calm but worried; Myoue/Yakushimaru seems indifferent but you can sense he’s not entirely happy either; and Koto doesn’t really get upset until it all hits her that her mom’s going away again after all her trouble.  It showcases all of their respective personalities so well.  I also thought Koto and Yakushimaru’s moment towards the end of the episode was really sweet.  Out of all the other children, I think Koto gets along with Yakushimaru the best, even if they do squabble quite a bit.

Overall, this was a good episode.  It really creates more questions than it answers, but hey, we still have a few episodes of this series left.  And the animation and music are as good as always.

Out of five for this episode:

precure heart2precure heart2precure heart2precure heart2


More and more I’m getting the sinking feeling that Inari isn’t as saintly as he appears. :/

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