Take me to your leader.

Despite the adults continuing fights, the kids have chosen to ignore them and go ahead with the Funehiki festival themselves – and if they’re the only ones participating, then so be it. However, strange natural phenomena – such as the salt-flake snow falling on land – are drawing the concern of Shioshishio’s adult residents. Could it really be a sign that the sea god is angry?
They certainly seem to think so, and are now set on forbidding their children to ever venture on land again. When Hikari worries about Manaka (and the others) absence from school, he goes to investigate, with the feelings he had been trying to hard to suppress running rampant.

The characters mention Saya-Mart so much, yet this is the first time we’ve actually seen inside it.

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This was another episode that had a lot of light-hearted warm and fuzzy happiness (the whole scene with everyone eating the food Manaka made together was especially sweet) giving way to more serious events. Exactly what is going on in Shioshishio, I can’t say, but the way all the parents waited for the kids to come home like that was quite creepy and sinister. For a moment I thought they were in a trance (which might not actually be something to rule out at this point). The dramatic scenery change – the usual bright and sunny underwater vistas now barren and covered in white salt ‘snow’, is surely the sign that the series has hit its stride as it braces itself for the episodes leading up to the second cour.
It was interesting that Hikari was able to reenter the village, given that in the episode in which he left it, all that magical ice implied that some magic wouldn’t let him. It could just be because of the village’s current state, or perhaps he wasn’t quite as banished as his sister.
One of the biggest events in the episode was actually Hikari’s sudden,  although nonverbal, declaration of his feelings for Manaka – something I didn’t expect to come at this point in the series. I’m actually glad that Manaka pushed him away – it’s a far more realistic reaction. However, given that Hikari runs away before she’s able to say anything else, I wouldn’t be surprised if there was some kind of misunderstanding.

This always makes me want to go swimming. Even more than Free! did.

Sorry, Hikari, hugging people out of the blue doesnt magically make them love you.

Out of 5,

Episode 10

I had to laugh that even in these traditional culture-esque drawings, the Sea God has anime hair.

Manaka’s rejection of Hikari’s affection turns out to be the least of his concerns right now. Uroko reveals that the salt-flake snow is going to continue to fall, resulting in temperatures plummeting to a fatal degree. The humans on the land will perish, but those under the sea, equipped with their Ena, will be able to hibernate until the danger passes.
While Shioshishio prepares itself for a grand feast before this ‘big sleep’, the children are uneasy about their friends (and relatives!) on the surface and miraculously are allowed to return to school in order to warn them.

I hope the people in charge of scenery for this show get an award or something.

I think this is the first time we’ve really gotten a good look at Manaka’s mother? Before episode 9 I was wondering if she even had one.

Well, the turning point of the show certainly came. Exactly what is going on here? The people of Shioshishio believe that the natural calamity is caused by the sea god – namely because his power is weak due to a lack of belief in the current age…but is it true? As for the land people – there’s the sense that it’s mostly only the children taking it seriously. I didn’t expect the show to have such a serious threat as the extinction of mankind in it, but here we are. Although…the conclusion reached by the children – that the sea god would be placated if they’d just do the damn funehiki ceremony already, seems alarmingly obvious. I know the adults in this show are pretty dense for the most part, but come the hell on guys. I’m actually kind of hoping that the adults aren’t as stubbornly idiotic as the show has been making them out to be – its true that the kids are and always will be the main stars here but the way they ignore the obvious is starting to get a little ridiculous.
I really do like the way the emotions were portrayed in this episode – particular among those on land who were scared to die. But I feel that Manaka was the real star here, her fear of never waking up is actually very understandable and its a wonder that few seemed to feel the same way. There’s also the matter of her feelings, if any, for Hikari…it doesn’t seem like she may have rejected him completely, but she’s clearly uncomfortable near him. Exactly what secret she plans on telling the elusive red-bellied sea slug will have to wait until the next episode, but its most certainly related. The hinting in the previous episode that Kaname has a crush on Chisaki came to fruition as well, so it’s entirely possible the four kids will end up paired up. I don’t have anything against Kaname and Chisaki together, but I do feel like it kind of came out of nowhere these past few episodes. Kaname himself is just aching for more screen-time, and I’m hoping he’s going to play a bigger role in the second half of the series.

.Akari and Miuna really do have a charming bond.

The sea-slugs in this show are seriously adorable.

Out of 5,