Renge’s puppy dog eyes level: STRONG.


The girls decide to hold an impromptu cultural festival and invite everyone that they can.  Even though things don’t go as planned, everything works out okay in the end.  Later on, Natsumi manages to get Komari and Konomi to help her clean her room, where the three eventually start talking about fond and not so fond memories of their youth.

Natsumi and Renge are probably tied for “weirdest character”.

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Even though she’s only starred in two episodes so far, I really like Konomi. She is like everyone’s “cool big sis.”

My Opinion:

Even though this episode has more characters in one place than we’ve probably ever seen, it still seemed rather slow-paced.  This episode wasn’t necessarily bad, but it did seem a bit duller to me than past episodes.

I dunno, I felt like the anime could have done a lot more with the cultural festival skit than just have all four main girls breaking down.  Come on guys, you have all these characters in one place and this is what you do?!  It felt like there were tons of missed jokes and opportunities.  That aside, I did really like the execution of Natsumi’s uh… weirdness, and Komari’s utter embarrassment.  And I do like the fact that they brought Renge’s other sis back again. Even so, the second skit felt much better to me.  Childhood memories are always nice to look through, even though some of them are better off left untouched (lol at Natsumi).

Overall, I thought this episode could have been better.  I know that Non Non Biyori isn’t exactly an action-packed series, but the whole cultural festival thing just fell flat.  Maybe this series just works better with smaller character interactions?  The skit revolving around cleaning Natsumi’s room seems to support this.  Anyway, while I think this may be my least favorite episode of the lot, it’s still not THAT bad (and I have seen a lot of terrible anime in my time okay).  The jokes just didn’t feel as funny to me as past episodes.  Anyway, here’s hoping that next week’s episode is better.

Out of five for this episode:

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It’s okay Natsumi, everyone has embarrassing childhood memories… Still, this was probably karma for you embarrassing your sis earlier.