The attacks from King Torture’s ridiculous minions have now become so common and tedious that hardly anybody is even paying attention anymore. Unlike the Guillotine Gorilla who first appeared, the plots of these monsters are petty and annoying at most, but hardly dangerous, and are never any real match for Samurai Flamenco. The Flamenco Girls are so bored with them that they stopped bothering altogether, and even Samurai Flamenco’s fansite hardly bothers to update with new videos of his defeats anymore.
And yet, Masayoshi still has no idea who this enemy is or what they’re trying to accomplish, or why they all explode at the end. Both he and Gotou become tired, even snappy, eventually losing their tempers at each other.
King Torture thus decides its time to kick his game up a notch, kidnapping MMM’s manager.

I know it’s a parody of the restaurant chain ‘Royal Host’ but pft. Romeyal Hot.

Can it even be called ‘risking your life’ with these dumb enemies anymore?

…That’s a nice suit. Pity you hardly get to see it.

I hate to say it, but Samurai Flamenco has really, really lost its spark. It’s kind of just trudging along from plot point to plot point with barely a ghost of the heart and soul it had in the first few episodes, almost as if the show itself is getting tired. The animators most definitely are, and they seem to be caring less and less with each episode. Parts of this episode were just plain ridiculous in how badly animated they were. If the creative teams behind the series aren’t caring, then really, why should I be?
I thought this was going to be a shorter series and that I could blog it till the end, but I just found out today it’s actually 22 episodes (I really ought to check these things). This does mean that there could be something big at the halfway point in store, and I guess I am kind of curious about SF’s ‘final showdown’ with King Torture. At least just to see what happens.

But other than that…I’m seriously this close to dropping the show. This episode seemed to be trying pretty hard to renew any potential lost interest with King Torture’s kidnap of the MMM manager (which also destroys what seemed to be a common theory; that said manager was King Torture himself) but I was honestly just kind of ‘so what’ to it. Flamenco Girl losing against him was kind of interesting considering how powerful she is (although of course they showed her defeated body in an uncomfortably fanservicey way, which was kind of left-field for this series)but Masayoshi and Gotou’s relationship seemed stilted and out of character, and the whole thing still has the feel of another writer barging in and starting a completely new story with the same characters. A story that is really not very good and is frankly becoming a chore to even get through. Looking back at my first impression review, it actually makes me quite sad how excited I was about this show and how high my hopes for it were.
As both this and Nagi no Asukara are two-cour series then its already a given that I’ll likely have to drop one in January in favour of one of the new series starting then, and its most likely going to be this one. Who knows, maybe SF will redeem itself before then, maybe the second half will completely justify these episodes and I’ll wonder why I ever doubted it, but if it keeps going the way it is I honestly don’t know if I can be bothered to blog even up to the half-way point….or even the next episode.

I kind of laughed that she somehow managed to undress him and then dress him in a police outfit without him even noticing, wtf.

Same, too bad this show isn’t really anymore.

whatever, dude.

Out of 5,