Chisaki looks quite nice with her hair out.

Kaname has confessed to Chisaki, who is presently unable to return his affections and thus things are now awkward for all four of our sea kids. Everyone else is making preparations for the ‘big sleep’, but the kids are becoming more and more anxious as it starts to sink in that they potentially may never see the surface people ever again. Naturally, this includes Akari, who is desperate to try to do what she can to change this oncoming fate, including her own wedding preparations and her desire for her father’s blessing.
Finally waking up to the very real danger they are facing, the men of the surface village decide that they want the Ofunehiki ceremony after all, but is it really going to make a difference at this rate?

Itaru still doesn’t seem to have much personality of his own, but these two still do make a cute couple I admit.

This seems to happen every time I have an afternoon nap.

ya think, guys?

With all the gearing up for this ‘big sleep’, I was expecting that the second half of this series would take part after a time skip, with the kids a little older. However, this episode raises the possibility that the sleep might not happen at all. I wouldn’t count on it not happening though, it’s being pushed as something far too important to not happen, and it wouldn’t surprise me if everyone tries really hard to stop it happening only to fail at the last minute.
Like the last episode, this one was very subdued and emotional, perhaps even moreso, and made great use of the emotive music this show is so good with. I was pleasantly surprised to see Akari being the one to lead the way in trying to turn things around, even when facing the seemingly impossible. She really has turned out to be a far bigger character than I ever anticipated in the beginning. Hell, she’s a far bigger character than Kaname, who has still yet to really do all that much yet gets billed as a main character.
There were some more interesting world-building tidbits in the episode – notably during a class lesson the teacher mentioned that ‘in the past’ the weather was more humid and that there were four seasons, which could even indicate that the series is actually set in the future and not just an alternate universe.
The next episode preview seems to be quite emotional, so I’m expecting a bit more focus on the love triangle(if thats the right word) between the four kids. To recap: Kaname loves Chisaki, who loves Hikari, who loves Manaka, who seems to love Tsumugu but also could possibly love Hikari. I almost wish that Tsumugu would love Kaname just to complete the confusion.

A nice sibling moment.


Man, everyone just loves everyone except Kaname, the poor dude.

Out of 5,