Huge spoilers ahead!!!

Oh, boy.


With Mirror Kyoto’s destruction imminent, Kurama’s lackeys rush to try to save the remaining Kyoto citizens.  Koto, meanwhile, walks about in sort of a daze, surveying the destruction she has caused.  It’s only then that she realizes the full extent of her actions.  While this is happening, Lady Koto gets into an argument with Inari, enraged that he’s so calmly letting this destruction happen.  It appears that not only are people permanently dying now, but people’s memories are also slowly being altered—as evidenced by Yase, who doesn’t even remember her mother whom she loved so much.

I think that at this point, Inari qualifies for the “worst parent of the year” award.

The destruction doesn’t go unnoticed by the people of The Shrine, the world from which Koto hails.  The Chief himself makes a visit, as Koto goes to meet him.  It’s only after his arrival that he explains just what is going on.  Mirror Kyoto is not just a world from a drawing—it belongs to a much larger world that Inari created: the secret 13th worldline.  Unfortunately, the 13th worldline is intertwined amongst the existing twelve worldlines, so Mirror Kyoto’s destruction will also cause the destruction of all the other worlds.

Even as the Mirror Capital is falling apart, the animation is as gorgeous as ever.

Wo will we get an actual explanation for WHY he created this worldline? Instead of just “I felt like it”???

As if this wasn’t bad enough, Lady Koto is starting to fade from existence.  It seems that by giving birth to Koto, she lost all her powers (it was transferred to Koto), and now exists as an ephemeral being.  The weight of all this information puts Koto into a shock, and she nearly gets herself hurt.  Fortunately, Myoue (the second) manages to snap her out of it, after which Koto makes a proposal to the Chief.  Save Mirror Kyoto, or she will destroy all the other worldlines right then and there.

Dramatic mask breaking!

My Opinion:

I was basically just going “OH MY GOD” and “WHAT?!” throughout this whole episode.  Revelations are getting dropped like crazy.

If I got this correctly—Inari didn’t just create Mirror Kyoto, he created the entire WORLD that housed Mirror Kyoto.  Which means that he’s basically the god of the world—he created the High Priest Myoue persona (for himself); the existence of Lady Koto in the body of a goddess; and even Yakushimaru.  So everything we saw in episode 1 was basically just a lie and Inari playing around because he can.  Wow.  No wonder he seems so apathetic about the state of Mirror Kyoto and its inhabitants.  To him, they’re nothing more than playthings.

Amidst all those plot twists, Mirror Kyoto continues to crumble.  I think the anime portrayed the severity of what was going on rather well.  People in Mirror Kyoto are actually starting to DIE.  And memories are starting to get altered.  And what does Inari say to all this?  “Koto’s such a special kid!”  It’s no wonder that Lady Koto is supremely pissed off at Inari’s attitude.  Although Inari has shown somewhat asshole-ish tendencies before (making Yakushimaru immortal), I think this is the first time we’ve seen it proven that he really is a bastard.  Based on all his comments showing how much he fawns over little-Koto, he really doesn’t give a shit about his other children at all.  Which (sadly), makes sense as they were just beings he created in order to mess around and have fun.

Plot-stuff aside, this episode’s animation was wonderful.  We are quickly nearing the end game, and it seems Inari isn’t done being an asshole just yet (based on next episode previews).  I knew Kyousougiga would turn out to have amazing plot-twists just by nature, but man; I wasn’t expecting this.

Out of five for this episode:

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Any series that can pull off amazing AND believable plot twists deserves full marks in my book.

Despite all the “oh god why” moments, this scene was cute at least.