Kyousougiga TV Episode 9

Since I managed to get some free time for myself, have an early review! HUGE SPOILERS AHEAD!

*determined face*


Koto makes a rousing speech to the Head Chief of The Shrine, in an attempt to save Mirror Kyoto, the worldline that should not exist.  Although Head Chief seems convinced, Inari takes this moment to ruin the party.  He explains to Koto that he and the Head Chief (who is actually his older brother), were left in charge of the world/worldlines after their father—a God—left.  Thus, Inari and Head Chief are basically “gods” in their own right.  Inari holds the power to create life; which he seemed to grow bored of.

Inari, you’re a bastard.

Because little-Koto was created from his and Lady Koto’s union, Koto shares both their powers.  Inari praises his daughter for being so “perfect,” right before stabbing her in the chest, causing her to go berserk.  Inari also stabs his older brother too, for good measure. Myoue, upset about how things are unfolding, calls Inari out on his shit, but Inari ends up running away with a weakened Lady Koto in hand.

Seriously, though; you are a bastard.

Koto proceeds to go on a rampage, causing the remaining Mirror Kyoto residents to do their best to keep the world together before they all disappear.  Myoue is still depressed over these turn of events, but Kurama manages to snap him out of it.  After all, as Kurama states; Myoue was meant to be the true God of Mirror Kyoto all along…

Motivated, Myoue runs to where Koto is, and manages to snap her out of her father-induced daze.  With the rosary beads given to him by his adoptive father, Myoue says he won’t let the world end here.

The world is coming apart at the seams…
…It’s the end of the world as we know it.

My Opinion:

Urrrrrgh this series really did end up more heart wrenching than I could have imagined.  Also, holy crap is Inari a huge bastard.  This episode does hint at him having grander motives, but geeze.  Way to just use everyone around you, Inari.  Even your daughter whom you valued so much.

I really was not expecting the reveal about Inari and the Head Chief.  I mean, I knew they were important people, but I never thought that they would be minor gods of their own little universe!  So… Inari was a minor god, which explains just HOW he was able to create the 13th worldline in the first place.  Frankly, I’m more interested in Inari’s and the Head Chief’s origins.  It seemed that they were left (abandoned?) by their own parent too—a greater god who created the two of them.  That… greatly parallels just what Inari did to his own children.  So even though Inari seems to speak of his “father” with disdain, he seems to have done the same thing…

I also found it surprising that Inari was in charge of creating life when he wants to destroy the world so much NOW.  Perhaps he got bored with creation and just wanted to see everything crash and burn?  Though, he DID end up giving Myoue his creation powers, so… I honestly have no idea what’s going on anymore.  Even if it turns out that Inari did all this just to create a better world for everyone in the end; he still DID manipulate and put a lot of people through tons of emotional trauma.  I just can’t forgive that.

Ramblings aside, the animation, the music, the voice-acting—it was all really great this episode.  There’s a really nice insert song played here, which actually fits the episode perfectly.  The animation is basically flawless–no more quality animation that I can discern!  The anime producers really went all out on the grand finale… Which makes sense as the next episode is most definitely the FINAL EPISODE.  I get the feeling that Kyousougiga will still end on a happy note despite all this, but… we won’t know for sure until the next episode comes around, right?

Out of five:

precure heart2precure heart2precure heart2precure heart2precure heart2


Inari, stfu; you’re still a bastard.

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