Miuna’s awfully young to be having an existential crisis.

Preparations are well underway for the dual wedding/funehiki ceremonies, but there is still a sense of terrible unease that once the ‘big sleep’ is over, nothing will ever be the same – and, of course, the worry that those on the surface won’t survive.  Akari’s father comes to see her – however rather than force her to come back to Shioshishio, the two share a touching father-daughter moment.
The tension grows and grows between the sea children, until finally Kaname can stand it no longer and forces Hikari to voice his true feelings on Manaka, and in front of them all no less, which causes quite a stir.

His must have some real upper-arm strength, those things are massively heavy.

…and those face-obscuring veils aren’t ominous at all.

While this episode is no closer to bringing us any closure on the love-triangle (square??) – rather, it complicates things even more – it really did do its job in ramping up the growing unease about this ‘Big Sleep’. The funeral-esque march of the nuns carrying the ‘sleeping’ children was definitely chilling, as was the kids admitting to each other that ‘they looked like they were dead’.  Add this to the voiced concerns that if they fall asleep they may not ever see each other again, and this whole ‘Big Sleep’ thing is looking less appealing by the minute. This series really is quite good at creating atmosphere though, particularly with music and lighting.
The unexpected star of the episode ended up being Hikari and Akari’s father – he hadn’t seemed like the soft type before but he really did show he has a heart in this one. The flashback about him making the meals after his wife died was also touching, and its nice that one of the adults was given some more characterization because I feel like the lack of such is one of my main issues with the show overall. Also kudos to Kaname for taking action perhaps not exactly a good one, but somebody had to push this romantic plot forward and he certainly didn’t do it maliciously, judging by how upset he looked afterwards.
Now that the other kids confessions are all out of the way (albeit unrequited), it’s only Manaka’s that’s left. I’m looking forward to knowing exactly what she told that sea slug.

Aw, Kaname.

Well this is familiar.

Out of 5,
Episode 13

What a lovely smile.

Amazingly, Manaka and Hikari manage to talk and try to iron out the awkwardness between them. Manaka still doesn’t have an answer for him, but she’s certainly feeling better, which is good because it’s already time for the ceremony.
When the ceremony begins, with Akari in place of the ceremonial doll as a ‘sacrifice’, some are worried that she might actually be taken by the Sea God. But it’s just for show, right? She’s not a literal sacrifice, right? The ceremony is going to go ahead as normal and nothing bad will happen to anybody, right?

The sparkling kimono is so lovely!

That festival sure looked great, even before it had started.

…well then, if anyone was wondering if there would be a big event at the series’ halfway point, this is it. Now, there was something worrying me at the back of my mind for a while now about Akari putting herself on the boat instead of the sacrificial doll – it seemed kind of weird back when it was suggested, and only now does it come to light how…not so smart that decision really was, especially from people who ought to believe in the Sea God. Because this episode certainly proved the Sea God existed (although then again the personification of his scale was already an established character) so why anyone thought it was a good idea to invite disaster like this is beyond me. Maybe they were hoping the Sea God would be touched by the depth of Akari’s love to a land-dweller?
Well, at least the ceremony itself looked really cool: lights, music and all. For a moment there, after even Uroko gave his blessing (if thats what it was) I honestly thought that maybe everything would be alright after all. When the shit hit the fan though, I didn’t expect it to be Kaname that took the hit, not to mention Manaka. I never expected this relatively peaceful show to have me on the edge of my seat to this extent; I’ve never wanted to see the next episode more than I do now.  Manaka is the closest thing the series has to a main character so I doubt she’s really a goner, as for Kaname….well, I certainly hope he’s alright, because he was only finally starting to do things!
The second half of Nagi no Asukara is certainly off to a forboding, yet exciting, start. I’ll even forgive the slightly clunky CG of those whirl-pools.

‘well shit’

yeah same.

Out of 5,