I needed to get the bad taste out of my mouth that Saikin Imouto NOPE left so here is another review.

Yokoi’s design is pretty cute, even if she does have inexplicably white hair when everyone else has normal hair colors.


Yokoi sits next to a boy named Seki, who is a master of wasting time in class by playing around.  During their history lesson, Seki creates a long domino chain using erasers.  Despite chastising him, Yokoi can’t help but be interested…


Okay, how the hell is Yokoi’s screaming not heard at all during all these scenes?

My Opinion:

This episode runs for about seven minutes, which is just the right amount of time for this sort of series, I think.  There’s no real plot here other than “what wacky antics will Seki do next?”  Even so, it’s a fun, albeit slightly pointless, anime.

There’s no real humor here other than “Yokoi gets really scared about Seki getting caught by the teacher;” and there are TONS of over-dramatic moments even when the characters are doing really mundane things.  It is THAT kind of series.  Still, I can see the potential here.  What can Seki do with just school supplies and a limitless imagination?  Sadly, the main running gag here seems to be “Yokoi gets caught by the teacher instead of Seki and gets blamed for disruption” and that gets old fast.

The animation is frankly rather bad.  It looks like really cheap flash animation.  Thankfully, you don’t need stellar animation for a series like this.

Overall… meh.  It’s a fun little series, and Seki and Yokoi are decent enough characters.  However, it just isn’t funny enough for me to really be interested, especially when this is touted as a “comedy” series.  At least it’s watchable, unlike Saikin Imouto NOPE.

Out of five:

precure heart2precure heart2

The ED sequence is pretty cute though.