Excuse me ma’am we take fruit smuggling seriously round these parts so if you could please declare those watermelons you’re hiding in there

Takamiya Honoka is our protagonist – an ordinary highschool boy who soon finds himself wound up in something extraordinary – concerning the school beauty Kagari Ayaka. Ayaka is certainly extraordinary; she’s constantly followed by a squealing fanclub who regard her like a princess, but Takamiya is about to find out that she’s more than that. Actually, she’s a witch – a fire witch to be exact – and it’s her responsibility to protect her master and princess from other attacking witches who for some currently unknown reason want this princess dead. …For some other currently unknown reason, this princess is Takamiya.

If you want to know exactly how ridiculous the show is, here.

When I was about 14 years old and in the prime of my ‘I’m gonna be the bestest manga artist in the whole world’ phase that nearly all 14 year old anime fans have, I pencilled an awful ‘manga’ about an angel that had to protect an ordinary boy from demons, but because he was a teenage boy and she looked like a teenage girl lots of funny wacky romantic ”’comedy”’ crap happened. When I read the synopsis for Witchcraft Works the memories of this artistic travesty came pouring back on me and my kneejerk reaction was to dislike the show on impulse alone. The promo art and trailer featuring what could easily be described as a giant pair of mammaries with a highschool girl attached to them did little else to change this pre-First-Impression impression I had of the show.
Surprisingly, Witchcraft Works was pretty decent. Takamiya is average and hasn’t really shown much of a personality, but he isn’t grating in that way that romcom protagonists often are, and Ayaka is pretty badass. The whole ‘you are my princess’ thing is kind of weird and interesting (is reincarnation at play here?) and it keeps enough of the story secret for the time being to make me interested in where the next episode will go. At the end of the episode a bunch of other witches are introduced, and some of them look potentially quite promising.
Another thing that surprised me is how good the music was; from the battle music being dramatic and emotional to the oddly endearing end theme featuring the other witches in chibi form happily enduring various forms of medieval torture (it uh…kind of has to be seen to be believed. But that song is stuck in my head, I can tell you that.).
It’s still ridiculously goofy and takes itself a little too seriously, and Ayaka’s boobs are absolutely ludicrous. (What is she, an I-cup? Why was this necessary?) And if any of the other witch girls decide they’d rather be in love with Takamiya than kill him and gives us ””hilarious fanservice hijinks”’ I’m out. I’m vaguely interested to see what direction it’s going in but in the end it has the potential to be either decent or awful. If you’re looking for a new supernatural battle anime that doesn’t require much thinking, however, it’s worth a shot.

I really liked the mood in this part though.

Out of 5,