I want that hair-clip.

Watase Aoba is an energetic highschooler who seems to have a lot of friends, but Yumihara Hina, the dark-haired beauty who apparently returned to Japan after some absence, may be interested in him for a different reason. She isn’t the only one either: Aoba is minding his own business one day when a psychopath in a gigantic mech comes out of the sky with the intent to kill him, and only him. Luckily, Hina has a mech of her own (that she…somehow hid in a warehouse), and she explains to Aoba that both she and the other mech came from the future and that Aoba is of significant importance. She doesn’t have much time to explain further before they both get sucked back into the time vortex and Aoba wakes up in the future, inside another mech, without the slightest idea what is going on.

goddamnit can’t a guy walk down the street without this happening

Here’s the required Sunrise mecha anime of the season, and I’ve got to say that as someone who really never cares either way for required Sunrise mecha anime or mecha anime in general, Buddy Complex has a bit of promise to it.  The real plot has only barely started so this is definitely one that needs another episode, but it’s managed to be vaguely interesting enough so far, even if what’s been revealed of the plot so far is a little on the cliche side.
It’s very polished and well-animated, and most the character designs have a lot of charm. I’m going to have to watch the second episode to find out more about the cast…particularly the other lead male character on the promo art who is only briefly seen at the end of this episode.  Judging from the title and the promo art, Aoba and said character are paired up; there seems to be some kind of giant robot fighting system that benefits from two compatibles fighting together. I’m going to take a wild guess that these two young guys’ partnership will be the driving force of the series, and that they will also dislike eachother at first ala Tiger & Bunny. Also…I really gotta say this, but the future computer system thing announces the compatibility with the congratulatory message NICE COUPLING which absolutely cracked me the hell up (it’s also the title of the second episode, apparently.). Just so we’re clear, this isn’t simple engrish. ‘Kappuringu’ is exactly the shipping term used primarily by fujoshi so this show knows exactly what it’s doing, and the phrase seems to already be getting meme-like status with Japanese netizens. I’m expecting the next Comiket to be full of Buddy Complex if the second episode features the kind of character dynamics I’m predicting here.
I’m on board for now to see what the whole plot is; I do want to know exactly what’s so special about Aoba that sent people back in time to protect him, and kill him. (Although the one who wanted to kill him didn’t seem to intend to come to 2014 judging by their surprise. ) Alright that and because NICE COUPLING is intriguing and hilarious.

So that’s apparently a thing. Also, her design is real cute.

Out of 5,