Hamatora is some kind of odd-jobs organization populated by a group of funkyfresh gradient-clad kids who yell what the writer probably hopes is snappy and witty banter at each other most of the time. They’re also Contractors ‘Minimum Holders’, the name that the writer came up with by choosing a random english word they thought was cool given to people with super powers of some variety that have to be activated when certain conditions are met. They are given two tasks in this episode – one is to get to the bottom of a female college student serial kidnapping case and the other is to help guard/open a mysteriously secure safe.

I’ll admit, that’s kinda cool.

The problem with watching so many anime, even if its only the first episodes for First Impression reviews like this, is how quickly you tire of cliches. I avoid highschool romcoms for the most part, now, and every time the riveting ‘four girls in a random school club dick around for 24 minutes’  appears I want to scream. But there’s other cliches that’s been slowly chipping away at my patience over the years, and the ‘group of wacky kids with superpowers who already know each other from the start of the series so it doesn’t matter that the viewer doesn’t know who they are, also don’t forget they’re super wacky’ is one of them. ‘Organization that does whatever’ is the other. I am well aware of the fact that this is occasionally done well, but I always feel like introducing groups of characters who are already aquainted is the writer’s easy way out.  Hamatora feels especially lazy, simply dropping us into this group and leaving us to figure out who is who and why they even know eachother on our own. Alright, I know, I’m being awfully harsh and it’s only the first episode. I don’t doubt that Hamatora could surprise me and be really good in future. But I’m just so sick of these tired old character archetypes and their forced ‘comic’ banter. The show is trying really, really hard to be cool that it borders on over-the-top, it has this whole air about it like it thinks it’s too cool for the viewers themselves, like it’s going to flip its hat backwards and be all ‘smell ya later, dweeb’ and skateboard away while a radical guitar riff plays (said guitar riff actually happens, by the way.). I mean just look at the lead character in the first image of this post; he’s got like what, 3 bandaids on his face? Again, overkill.
That said, the visual style is kind of interesting. It has a lot of gradients on nearly everybody’s clothes with bright primary colours that should be really glaring but somehow aren’t. It’s kind of like what Meganebu would look like if it wasn’t complete eye-cancer. There’s an over-reliance on CG so things often look really clunky, but not terribly so. It’s a pity the sloppy writing is dragging the whole thing down, from the characters (protip to writers: cool witty banter is fun but when you overdo it never mind ‘unrealistic’, it’s just grating), to the setting (Darker than Black called, by the way, and it also did a much better job of the whole ‘people with powers who can only use them after fulfilling weird conditions’ thing) to the plot of the episode (the two ‘cases’ themselves were dumb, let alone how obvious it was that they would be connected after all and yet how big a deal they made of it when they revealed that they were. And the whole thing was just a leadup for the ‘hurdur the rich kids dad was a big ol perv’ punchline, seriously?).
But what do I know, maybe this show is just too cool for the likes of me.

And this pose. Always with this pose.

Out of 5,