Yeah, so stop being such a creeper already.


A boy named Tomoya suddenly gains an older sister named Ichika when his father re-marries, and it turns out his new older sister is creepily obsessed with him.

That’s it, that’s the series.

I am actually uncomfortable.

My Opinion:

For anime shorts of this length (3 minutes) I usually try to wait until at least two episodes have come out before reviewing.  But I’m sorry, I don’t think I can really watch any more of this.

I feel like this anime was basically made to answer the question: “Is incest-type anime still creepy when the older brother/younger sister thing is reversed so that it is instead an older sister/younger brother?”

Yes.  The answer is, “yes.”

The animation isn’t that bad for an anime short series like this (except for the weird blur filter they seem to have going on), but everything about the execution is just plain creepy… but it’s played off as cute?  What?  I’m sorry, but having Ichika being an older sister just makes things that much creepier when she invades his personal space and whatnot.  And I just get the feeling it’s going to get worse as the episodes go on.  Tomoya really is cute but geeze Ichika, you need a restraining order or something.

Out of five:

precure heart2


for at least not being as bad as Saikin, Imouto NOPE.