What is it with anime and annoying tsundere-type girls. It is getting really old by now.


A young man named Takeshi wishes that he could get away from his home and family after a certain “accident” leaves his brother and his mother acting cold towards him.  Near the end of summer vacation, Takeshi goes to kendo class and unexpectedly meets a strange girl (named Mui) wielding a magical gun.  She attacks him in a panic, though fortunately misses.  Not long after, a bunch of thugs bust in on the scene, along with a mysterious man whom Mui calls her “brother.”  One of the thugs (wielding a sword) moves in for the attack, so Takeshi parries with his kendo sword and actually manages to get the upper hand through the use of some magic.

The most non-threatening looking enemies you will ever see

It turns out that by shooting the gun at him, Mui accidentally gave Takeshi magical powers.  After some more scuffles, Takeshi’s girlfriend and friend also end up gaining magical powers of their own.  After Takeshi manages to beat back most of the thugs (with Mui’s help), Mui reveals to them all that she is a magician.  She then leads them back to the “magic world” with her, for their own protection.  The magical world actually turns out to be a run-down city accessed through a mirror.  As he takes the sight in, Takeshi slowly realizes that he should be careful about what he wishes for.

So it makes… her boobs grow bigger? What?

My Opinion:

This anime turned out not to be as bad as I was dreading, though it still follows through on some painful anime clichés.

The whole beginning half of the episode was just cringe-worthy.  Could Mui’s introduction be any less cliché?  While she doesn’t fall out of the sky, she does end up falling, so Takeshi is the one who has to take her to the nurse.  Then there’s some awkward moment where Mui accidentally hugs Takeshi ‘cause she thinks it’s her brother.  Obviously, you guys know what happens when she realizes her mistake—yup, she basically kicks him away and shoots at him WITH HER GUN.  And of course she also screams in an ear-grating voice about what a pervert Takeshi is.  And then she somehow manages to fall (AGAIN!) but actually falls on top of Takeshi this time, and the two end up kissing… somehow.  Sigh.  I really don’t understand why anime keep re-using introductions like this.  Is this honestly how they think all teenaged girls act or something?  Geeze.

Another really painful cliché is the magician thugs just standing by to watch while one of their comrades fights Takeshi.  I understand there wouldn’t even be an anime if all the thugs just banded together to wipe Takeshi out, but I can’t help but find it unrealistic for them to not even lift a finger to help when they saw Takeshi beating the sword-wielding thug and escaping.  One last cliché I rolled my eyes at is what I will call “the obligatory magical power age-set limit.”  The only people who can learn magic are kids and teenagers.  Of course.

Despite all this, the episode wasn’t too terribly bad.  It did get much more interesting past the half-way point when Takeshi had to fight sword-wielding dude again.  I also do like that Takeshi has a girlfriend straight from the get-go, though with Mui’s introduction we all know that there will inevitably be a love triangle.  Also, damn, Takeshi must have nerves of steel.  He fights a dude wielding a steel sword with just a bamboo one, and also he is totally unfazed when Mui POINTS A GUN AT HIM.  This might just be sloppy writing but I can’t help finding that badass.  I don’t know what to make of Takeshi’s girlfriend and friend, as they were barely introduced in this episode.

Overall, while this wasn’t a bad anime, I don’t know if I could call it a good one either.  The series seems to be playing clichés totally straight, which is really quite boring.  The animation for (what I assume will be) the OP is really great, but the animation in the episode itself is quite average.  So when it all comes down to it, this anime is so average it’s average.

Out of five:

precure heart2precure heart2 and 1/2

You and me both, Takeshi.