What the hell is that.

This is a world where magic-users (‘Wud’) exist, and if there’s enough people who use magic, there’s going to be people who use it to commit crimes. Crimes committed with magic are handled via a specialist Magic Court, with Wizard Lawyers. In order to be a Wizard Lawyer, you must have incredibly ridiculous hair. Suddenly, Phoenix Wright makes a lot more sense.
17 year old Cecil is the youngest newbie at a law firm and certainly meets these requirements, but are they enough to help her with her first case involving the wrongful accusation of a wizard who used magic in self-defense?

the guy in the middle

Wizard Lawyers.
I just wanted to type that phrase out again, say it aloud, really let it roll around in my mouth a bit. Wizard Lawyers.  That’s the premise of this anime. The year is 2014 and we have anime about wizard lawyers. What a time to be alive.
Sadly Wizard Barristers hasn’t yet lived up to the promise of its amazingly dumb premise yet. I mean, it sure is a show about wizard lawyers, but I don’t know. I feel like this really ought to be a lot more fun. The way everything’s handled seems everything seem borderline mundane and the characters aren’t very interesting. Cecil is just your average chipper newbie, her senior wizard lawyers are all your average senior mentor characters, and she’s inexplicably followed around by the world’s most annoying animal mascot; a perverted talking frog. Actually, if we could just lose the stupid frog this anime would improve by about tenfold. I can see literally no reason for its existence. It makes dumb jokes and it touches her boobs and it says ‘don’ a lot and not one single person questions it being there. It manages to redeem itself slightly by being voiced by Wakamoto Norio, but it’s lucky that it is because I already hate it.
There’s some pretty decent action in this, though, and I was surprised to see quite a lot of guns. Cecil seems to have some power that lets her build mechs out of any metal surrounding her, which actually looks kind of cool when it happens, although said mechs are very blatantly GG and it doesn’t blend in with the animation all that well. I suppose that’s the main problem with this show; I signed up for Wizard Lawyers, not Wizards Fight with Mechs, and there seemed to be a lot more wizards fighting with mechs than wizards being lawyers. Hopefully the next episode features an actual courtroom scene. I’ll watch it for that prospect, but I’m still unsold on the show itself. Maybe if the character designs weren’t so ludicrously dumb, and maybe if the series didn’t seem to take itself so seriously despite this. Speaking of the character designs – it seems to only be the Wizard Lawyers and the people with the guns that get this full on Super Animetacular look; the bystanders and less important people are drawn in a way that borders on realistic, which is kind of odd. It gives the people in general this unsettling feel to them…although the girls themselves aren’t really all that less unsettling. Something about the style rubs me the wrong way; maybe their heads look too small or their necks are too thick or  something but there’s this really uncanny valley effect from blending the cartoony anime faces with more realistic body proportions.
Oh well. It’s still an anime about Wizard Lawyers and that’s got to count for something.

how does your hair work

Out of 5,

And so I finally finished my half of the First Impression anime! I’m still reviewing Nagi no Asukara (which conveniently skipped a week) so for the other one its down to a pick between Space Dandy, Nisekoi, Buddy Complex or Nobunagun depending on which has the best second episode.