Hey, Suguru from Non Non Biyori transferred to another school and actually talks now? …Well, a girl can dream, right?


Kousaku is a simple country dude who goes to an agricultural school and is utterly (and creepily) obsessed with an idol girl from the city.  One day, his beloved idol suddenly announces her retirement, leaving him depressed.  But he doesn’t have time to be depressed for long as his idol has actually transferred into his school, because this is an anime.

What’s even sadder is that the fanservice in this series isn’t even the worst thing about it.


My Opinion:

Ugh, this was a bad episode.  There was some fanservice shenanigans but it actually wasn’t that bad.  Okay, so there is one REALLY NSFW shot of Kousaku’s teacher, but it’s played off in such a depressing manner that it seems more repulsive than sexy.  I think that’s actually the first time in anime I’ve seen it played off like that.  That still doesn’t make this anime a good one, because the episode had horrible pacing issues.

The whole time watching this, I just wanted to scream, “EVERYONE. SHUT UP.”  Because… seriously, the characters in this anime would ramble on and on about the stupidest crap, mostly relating to their school.  I understand that all the dumb conversations were just to introduce characters and stall time until ~miss idol~ stepped into the scene, but geeze.  I tend to rant about anime having a story that is too rushed, but I think No-Rin would have benefited from a slightly faster pacing.  Did the idol girl really need to come in just at the end?  Because I don’t think all the suffering I was put through listening to Kousaku’s boring friends was worth it.

Kousaku is dull, and his friends are boring.  His other schoolmate (“Boobs”) isn’t that much more interesting (though thankfully she’s not as fanservice-centric as I was dreading).  The most interesting character in the whole episode was Kousaku’s teacher, and even then she’s cringeworthy.  She’s a middle-aged woman who wears cutesy stuff and rambles on about not having a boyfriend.  The joke will definitely wear thin, but I admit I did laugh when she used one of her “depressing stories” to calm the class down enough for her to teach.  What pains me the most is that all these characters are obviously meant to be really hilarious but… they’re just not.  You can’t just throw a bunch of wacky character archetypes together and hope something sticks.  I just couldn’t sense any sort of comraderie between any of them, even the supposed “friends” of Kousaku’s.  To me it just felt like they were all vying for the “who can ham up this scene the most” award.

Overall, this was a pretty terrible anime, though probably not in the way you would expect.  Honestly, I came into this dreading a fanservice-fest, but there wasn’t actually TOO much fanservice.  The worst thing ended up being the unfunny characters rambling about the most mundane crap.  Like seriously, I didn’t watch this anime to watch you guys talk about stupid, unfunny stuff.  Also, Kousaku has what looks like a kangaroo as a pet.  Why?  For what purpose?  I have no idea.

The animation for this episode is actually rather nice, but nice animation can’t save you from boredom.

Out of five:

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I also just found out that this series is based on a light novel.  A light novel with this short a name?  I find it extremely sad that I find that amazing.