Matcha and Azuki are high school girls who are the best of friends.  After getting “inspired” by a poster, Azuki becomes obsessed with making haikus.  Thus follows the adventure of the two girls in the daily lives, making up haikus where ever they go.

I honestly don’t know what to say about this series because nothing much really happened.

I admit, I am quite awed by how smooth and fluid the animation looks, though. This is some high-end stuff.

My Opinion:

This is an anime short clocking in at about 3 minutes each, which is why I did a first impression for two episodes instead of just one.  This anime could probably best be described as “all looks and no substance;” because while the animation is pretty nice for an anime short, it’s heavily lacking in substance.  I get the feeling that this series is really meant to be more of an “eye-candy” experience, but… seriously, nothing much happened in these two episodes at all.  In most other series like this, the anime at least tries to set up some sort of plot in its scant few minutes, but in Go! Go! 575 Matcha and Azuki don’t…. really… do much.

I feel like this series is more a series of vignettes about two girls doing cute things; which is fine, I suppose.  I just get the feeling that Matcha and Azuki are being pushed a little too hard towards the fanboy crowd, which does somewhat make me uncomfortable.  Both of their designs are lovely and adorable, but their actions so far feels like the producers are aggressively pushing the whole “moe” angle.  I don’t think many real-life high school girls act like this, to be perfectly honest.  I suppose it just feels a bit unnatural?

Overall, while I loved the animation in this series, everything else is lacking.  I honestly don’t know what the point of this series is, but I suppose a show with only “cute girls doing cute things” as it’s premise has worked in the past.

Out of five:

precure heart2precure heart2

Honestly, I got nothing.