So I decided that I’m gonna be blogging this series for the winter season.  I’m not going to be reviewing anything else, as I’d rather focus my time on other matters (for now).

Anyway, on to the review!

Didn’t realize until now that these girls are actually wearing BIRD hairclips on the back of their heads. From the front they just look like cat ears.


Jimon, still on the run from home, gets roped into having dinner at the Zvezda base of operations.  There, he is formally introduced to all the members: there’s Plamya, the swordswoman; Natasha, the scientist; and Odin, the soldier; among many others.  Meanwhile, a group called the White Egret group tries to find Zvezda’s headquarters as they consider Zvezda to be their archenemy.

I got tired of Plamya’s personality fast, but I do think it’s cute that she decorates her sword with those… stickers that you usually stick on cellphones.

I kinda like Natasha more in her witch’s outfit…

Things go awry at the Zvezda base as it’s Plamya’s turn to cook, and she is so bad at it she essentially creates weapons of mass destruction.  Odin, desperate to escape her awful cooking, accidentally unleashes the KuruKuru (small alien blob things) on a nearby district in an attempt to grab some food.  Fortunately, the others (including Jimon) manage to quell the destruction before one of the agents from White Egret sniffs out their base.  Not long after, Jimon winds up cooking for the whole gang, which is good because he is a much better cook than Plamya.  Thus, dinner is “conquered.”

Though it’s not actually that hard to be a better cook than Plamya, it seems…

My Opinion:

Bouryaku no Zvezda again continues its trend of turning ordinary situations into ridiculous farces, and it was rather entertaining.  The situation of this week’s episode wasn’t too exciting (it was just about dinnertime), but I guess it works.  I’m willing to give a bit more slack to second episodes in anime, as this is where all the character introductions/story explanation really kicks in.  While this episode didn’t explain too much in the way of plot for this series, it certainly introduced us to all the important characters.

It also formally introduced us to the White Egret group, who appeared for a few minutes towards the end of episode 1.  They are the archenemies of Zvezda, and it appears that (spoilers) Jimon’s female classmate actually works for them.  But how long Zvezda and White Egret have been fighting, and just how Zvezda originated hasn’t been revealed yet.  Seriously, I hope we get an explanation for Kate/Venera eventually.  She can’t be just a normal human, right?

While Kate is probably otherworldly, it appears that pretty much everyone else are just normal humans—well, except for Roboko, the robot.  I guess “normal” isn’t the right word for them either; because while they ARE just human, they certainly have some extraordinary skills.  Personality-wise, they certainly are a weird bunch.  I’m starting to find Plamya’s “tsundere”-like personality a bit grating.  Sorry, I just don’t like girls who scream a lot and beat people up a lot for no good reason.  Odin is also pretty pathetic, though at least he isn’t too annoying yet.  I already knew going into this series that everyone (other than Jimon) would have really wacky personalities, so I’m hoping that Bouryaku no Zvezda manages to make it work throughout the rest of the series.

Overall, I honestly wasn’t as impressed with this episode after the high-energy one we had last week, but it’s still turning out to be a fairly fun watch.  I’m hoping this series manages to find its groove in the next few episodes.

Out of five:

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Kate is still pretty cool, though. (But I think that’s mostly ’cause she didn’t get much screentime this episode…)