This was a really hard decision but in the end Space Dandy is just too much fun, so welcome to the blog.

I really hope this is addressed again.

Dandy is getting increasingly annoyed with Meow; the cat-thing has become a complete free-loader and with the current lack of money and food it’s hard to see the benefit of keeping him around. Especially when he eats the ramen Dandy was looking forward to so much. However, he manages to prove his worth by telling Dandy about a ramen restaurant complex in which there exists a ramen so delicious that it could only have possibly come from another dimension (a perfectly reasonable assumption), meaning that whoever makes it would surely be an unregistered alien.
The minions of the mysterious Gogol empire are all hot on Dandy’s tail for some reason or other, but he manages to evade them and eventually discovers the transdimensional ramen itself – along with its maker.


Scarlett from the alien registration office seems pretty awesome actually.

This show is still absurd and ridiculous, but it’s also still immensely fun. I never actually realized how polarizing it was until I read some other reviews for it, so in a way it’s kind of like the Panty and Stocking of 2014. Not necessarily as vulgar and P&S, but the overall vibe and episodic nature -not to mention highly silly plots, does remind me of it a lot.
Most of the humour of this episode came from the increasingly ridiculous ramen flavours that Dandy and Meow were trying; from ones with pulsating alien goo to ones with metal nuts and bolts. And then, of course, the transdimensional ramen made by an alien who inhabits a separate universe which consists only of him and his ramen. Somehow, this was actually able to be presented as something vaguely poignant and even semi-serious. The ramen-alien even managed to be a pretty interesting character (interesting enough, it seems, for Dandy to respect enough to not capture him to be registered).  Plus, the artistry of ramen-universe itself was pretty damn beautiful. The whole episode was, in a way, a kind of surrealist tribute to ramen.
Of course, that’s not all it was. Despite the apparently episodic nature of the show there does seem to be some kind of ongoing plotline about Dandy and the Gogol empire – whoever the hell they even are. All we really know about them is that they have a huge fleet and the leader, Perry (pft), drives a ship that looks like the Statue of Liberty’s head with a ballgag (uh). This episode didn’t really shed much more light on it, but it did confirm that they’re after him. Scarlett, who works in the alien registration office, also likely plays a role in the bigger picture.
On a world-building note this universe uses Woolongs, the same currency in Cowboy Bebop, although this is most likely little more than a humourous tribute to the director Watanabe Shinichiro’s most famous work. It does bring to mind some hilarious crossover potential, though.

Meow’s obsessive photo twittering was pretty cute.

Man, ramen-universe sure looks cool.

Out of 5,

Episode 3


Still with no money, Dandy and Meow have been trying their hardest to find aliens that havent been registered yet, to no avail. Luckily, Dandy’s point card for Boobies is now filled out, entitling him to a free visit, but unfortunately in the rush to get to a Boobies restaurant before the time limit expires they end up crashing on another strange planet. This planet is populated by frightfully grotesque aliens and one damsel in distress, whom Dandy and Meow resolve to help off the planet with them. They eventually find out the hard way that there’s a little more to her than meets the eye.

Her costume was pretty dumb but she really did have a cute design.

Dandy learns not to judge by looks.

I’ve been taking turns watching Space Dandy with the sub and dub – the sub for every second episode, so this one was the dub. And I just have to say that I’m kind of annoyed that the dub and presumably the english broadcast itself doesn’t have the japanese opening or ending, unless the version I saw was just different. It’s a shame because the opening is a really great song, while the ending is actually really damn adorable. I don’t know if this is some weird attempt at trying to westernize the show even further, but I always thought credits sequences that just show clips from the show itself are really lame. At least redub the song in english or something: the accompanying animations are great.
Anyway, I enjoyed this episode a lot. It’s your classic bait n’switch plot where what looks like the baddies turn out to be the goodies and what looks like a damsel in distress is actually what the fuck, but I really liked the way they did the reveal there with the Perry and the magazine.  There’s a lot of fun visual gags like Meow reacting to holograms the way cats react to lasers, Dandy’s increasingly misplaced self-confidence, the fact that they apparently own a transforming mech called Hawaii Yankee, and, uh, the true form of this episodes ‘villain’, if that’s the right word. I put the ‘BOOBS;BOOBS EVERYWHERE’ tag on here for that alone.
This show is probably going to just keep getting more and more surreal – ramen universes, aliens made out of boobs, who honestly knows what episode four is bringing. Hopefully, more Scarlett. (And speaking of Scarlett and the alien registration office, this is the first episode in which Dandy successfully brings her an unregistered alien and gets his money. I was almost expecting a running gag that he never actually gets to bring one in.)
One thing that worried me is that we’re only three episodes in and there’s already a drop in the overall animation quality – on the plus side, however, the animation still has that really dynamic and fun look to it.

I couldn’t even make this up.


Out of 5,