When did this become The Miuna Show, anyway?

Miuna is still adjusting to having Hikari back – he’s now attending school again, and in the same class as her and Sayu. Since he lost the uniform he usually wore from his old school five years ago, and because the borrowed one from Tsumugu was too big, it’s decided that the whole family should go into the city to get one custom-made. However, Akari’s son becomes sick with measles, leaving only Miuna and Hikari to go. Thinking it might be awkward and embarrassing if it were just the two of them, she brings Sayu along…who does not appreciate being a third wheel.


More nice scenery.

It really is about time that I included a cap of everyone’s bro Shun Sayama.

As much as I love this show, it’s episodes like these that make me consider the fact that perhaps the pace is just a little too slow sometimes. I know that it’s the mood and flavour of the show itself, but I do think the plot could start plodding on a little faster at this point. Miuna’s cool and all, too, but I’m also a little puzzled about the show’s sudden fixation on her. Is she the main character now? Is anyone the main character anymore? Anyway, the end of the episode did reveal that Kaname had woken up so I’m sure the next episode will get the plot moving again.
This episode was mostly about more of the trials and tribulations of adolescence, particularly in regards to friendship and romance. Now, I saw some people calling Sayu a whiney brat in this episode and I really have to object; and this is coming from someone who really couldn’t stand Sayu pre-timeskip. Here, I didn’t think she was being bratty at all. A little overdramatic perhaps, but Miuna invited her along to go shopping for purely selfish reasons (so that she wouldnt feel ‘awkward’ alone with Hikari) and then mostly ignored her the whole time. Of course, Miuna isn’t entirely in the wrong – it isn’t as though she meant to be malicious But I definitely sympathized with Sayu here, and it’s definitely something a lot of people have to deal with in adolescence and beyond. Being the third wheel really sucks. (Also, Sayu must have been intending to be the bigger person and go to aplogize first, as she came to find Miuna later on.)
The obligatory plot point in the episode, however, was Miuna discovering (by accident) that she can apparently swim now – as in, in the same manner the sea people can, complete with underwater breathing. What does this mean? It’s already been established that half-sea children are not able to breathe underwater and thus have to live on land, so this may even be puberty related. (If it’s not related to the hibernation in Shioshishio, anyway.) As usual, Nagi no Asukara continues to hold its cards close to its chest.

Miuna actually has some really cute clothes.

I would imagine it would be difficult to swim with boots on, but apparently not.


Out of 5,