Smoking is one of the most heinous crimes within the Zvezda base.


Yasu has a nasty smoking habit that pisses off nearly everyone at the Zvezda base (except Jimon, who doesn’t really understand why everyone is so upset).  After witnessing just how many people there are in the world (or at least, in the city) who smoke, Kate declares a war against smokers, leading to a full-on battle between smokers and non-smokers.

Yeah, seriously.  Also there is a twist at the end that just has to be seen to be believed.

Kate is really starting to scare me, actually.

Yasu continues to be the buttmonkey in this episode, despite being probably the best looking male in this series.

Note to self: Don’t ever get on Kate’s bad side…

My Opinion: (Spoilers ahead!!!)

To be honest, I have a lot of mixed feelings about this episode.  A lot.

It honestly did make me very uncomfortable at times; because while I’m a non-smoker, I do respect other peoples’ choice to smoke, as long as they aren’t directly shoving it into my face.  There are so many warnings and studies out their already, so smokers KNOW what they’re getting into.  If they still choose to smoke even then, that’s their own choice and you can’t really “force” someone to stop smoking unless they actually wish to stop themselves.

Now, I am probably taking this way too seriously, but the episode took the issue far more seriously than I did; to the point where I honestly couldn’t tell at times if this were all some big joke or not.  I feel like this is some kind of satire about the state of human nature, because the whole first… 15 minutes of the episode was playing out the smoking issue like it was the most heinous crime on earth.  But maybe it’s just differing cultural attitudes?  Maybe the Japanese really do intensely hate smokers and this episode was just an exaggeration of that?

What confuses me the most is the total mood whiplash between the beginning, middle, and last part of the episode.  In the beginning, Kate reacts very violently to what seems like not that big an issue, but that’s pretty in-character for Kate and creates sort of a whimsical atmosphere.  Towards the middle-point, though; the tone shifts to an entirely serious and “dark” one.  Maybe I’m not used to this sort of humor… I know that the war between the smokers and non-smokers was supposed to be funny in that it was so absurd, but my inner pacifist just felt somewhat uncomfortable because it looked like people were getting mass-murdered… just for smoking.  Though the episode’s pretty vague on that point so maybe they could have just been rounded up and kicked out of the city.  Or maybe it’s just that the way the subject matter is portrayed hits a little too close to home, ’cause let’s face it; Kate is pretty much running a dictatorship where everyone follows her unconditionally.  And then we get hit with the ending, which was just straight-up ridiculous shenanigans.  So, uh, what am I supposed to be feeling exactly?  What the hell is even the tone of this episode?

I do somewhat like the subtle story-building here, though.  Kate seems to actually have a valid reason for hating smokers, in that the smoke seems to severely limit her team’s powers.  (It stops the Kurukuru and Roboko from functioning properly.) And also Kate seems to have the power of “persuasion,” which would explain why non-smokers were so quick to support her cause, and so violent about it too.  She also seems to be… much more powerful that she appears, if she really wanted to.  Other things that I liked about this episode are Yasu’s and Gorou’s backstory reveal (they seem to have been gangsters before meeting Kate), and also Kate’s “transformation sequence.”  Kate seems to be an extremely powerful, otherworldly being with magical powers and yet she can’t actually magically transform?  Huh.  This episode was also pretty significant in that it marks the first time Kate FAILS to conquer something.

Overall, this was an okay episode.  I do wish that the ridiculousness of the episode had been turned up more, as the whole “war” between the two groups just struck a really uncomfortable nerve in me, for reasons I can’t quite explain.  That’s just me, though; so hopefully you guys enjoyed this episode more than I did.  I did notice the episode quality dropping a bit now, so I hope it doesn’t get too bad in later episodes.

Anyway, out of five:

precure heart2precure heart2  and 1/2

I think I need to remind myself sometimes not to take anime so seriously.

Plamya’s obsession with Kate is a little… disturbing?