And a good morning to you too, Naked Kaname!

Kaname has now woken up and found himself on dry land – however, like Hikari, he isn’t able to give any new information about what exactly is going on, as he has no memory of anything after the Funehiki ceremony five years ago. Just like Hikari, he hasn’t changed at all, including his feelings for Chisaki who is now even more conflicted about how she ought to feel about him. She’s glad to have him back – but probably not as glad as Sayu, whose crush on him as is strong as ever.
One clue that Kaname is able to provide is that he remembers hearing the sound of moving sand – the sound of a slow current must lead directly into Shioshishio – and what must be the only way back into it. With Miuna’s newly found swimming (and underwater breathing) abilities, she accompanies Kaname and Hikari underwater to see what they can find.

When did this become a shojo manga?

‘Change’ is said at least a hundred times in this episode alone.

I finally realized the reasons the uniforms look familiar is because the colour scheme is so similar to the ones in Fate/Stay Night.

Come on now, Nagi no Asukara. Are Miuna and Sayu seriously the main characters now? I can’t help seeing this as kind of unfair considering Kaname was supposed to be a main character in the first half and hardly did anything. And now even when this episode is meant to be about him, he’s still getting his spotlight taken. Don’t get me wrong, I really like Miuna and Sayu. I think their presence adds a lot to the show, especially now that they’re complicating the romance even more, but I honestly just think they’re far more effective as side characters. I complained about the recent slow pace before, but now I’m realizing that this is why. I think one reason why its hard to get behind them as main characters is that I still don’t know if they actually are meant to be the main characters now. I feel like we’re meant to be rooting for their romantic success with Hikari and Kaname, while in the previous half it was more pushing Hikari and Manaka, and I can’t help but wonder if they’re romantic wishes are doomed because they aren’t truly the leads here. (Also, Miuna and Hikari are step-siblings which is a little off-putting.)
It’s nice to have some thoughtful slow moments, and most of those have been very effective, but I feel like there have just been too many recently and the plot really needs to get moving…which it does, luckily, at the end of this episode. It’s not that I don’t appreciate the relaxed nature of this show, I just wish it could be a little more equal in the attention it gives to lead characters. I like Kaname, but I don’t really understand him very well, as there’s been almost no attempt to really see things from his point of view like there’s been with the other three original mains and now even Miuna and Sayu.

Technically you’re like some character in an anime, because you kind of are.

Sayu’s got better taste than Miuna and Chisaki, I’ll give her that.


Out of 5,