Jimon has now been in Zvezda for about two months, and all of the household chores have been heaped onto him.  Thus, Jimon finds school as one of the few remaining sanctuaries he has to relax.  Unfortunately, it appears that the Zvezda group has started infiltrating Jimon’s school in search for some kind of ancient treasure.  Jimon is obviously not pleased at all about this turn of events.

I had to smile at this part–only Itsuka manages to make running late to school look badass.

Jimon is eventually pressured into joining the mysterious Treasure Club by the other Zvezda members.  The Treasure Club seems to have some clues to the fabled “Udo Bride” treasure that Kate is after.  The club is run by a mysterious young woman named “Madame M.”  Madame M turns out to be White Egret in disguise, using the Treasure Club as a front in order to capture the Zvezda members.  As Madame M, she calls for a night meeting at the school.  Unfortunately, Renge also ends up being drawn into this whole mess, which White Egret is very unhappy about.

I feel you Jimon.

Madame M’s design is actually quite pretty–barring the cleavage window in the front, which just seems sort of unnecessary.

My Opinion:

This was pretty much an episode parodying anime high school tropes.  Was it done well?  I guess so.  To be honest, I’m still finding Sekai Seifuku’s humor to be a bit lacking sometimes, but at least this week’s episode wasn’t as cringe-worthy as last week’s.

I think the episode did a nice job of introducing what seems to be the next biggest plot point.  Since we are nearing the mid-point of the anime season by now, it seems like Sekai Seifuku may be starting to set up the end-game story.  Kate reveals some kind of “prophecy” in this episode, alluding to (I think) her successful world conquest.  Also, the White Light group is becoming more aggressive in its tactics of capturing members of the Zvezda group.  Though what surprised me is that White Egret is sent off on a solo mission this time, with Renge (aka White Robin) being told to basically keep out of things.  I suppose with her embarrassing performance last episode, White Light is actively trying to keep White Robin from ruining things now…

The humor of this episode was so-so for me, but I suppose I’m a pretty harsh critic when it comes to comedy.  Roboko’s “high-school-girl-mode”; Kate’s cutesy mannerisms; and… all the other members’ bizarre antics were amusing in a way, but nothing that I found laugh-out-loud funny.  Jimon’s awkward dancing during the Treasure Club meeting was supposed to be funny but I just couldn’t help feeling some sort of second-hand embarrassment from it all.  Poor Jimon; constantly the butt-monkey of this series.  It just feels like the comedic timing of this series is a little off; or maybe this type of humor isn’t my thing.  Ah well.

Overall, a good episode; even if I personally found the humor to be lukewarm.  Sekai Seifuku may be moving onto more serious story-arcs, which is something that I’m excited for.  As long as there aren’t any blatant fanservice shenanigans, then I’m happy for pretty much anything.

Out of five:

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Sounds ominous…