Those uniforms look quite nice on them.

Manaka still hasn’t woken up, despite everybody’s efforts. Even the plan to play the song from the Ofunehiki ceremony, the last day she was awake, has no result. To make matters worse, Uroko seems to have vanished although this doesn’t stop Hikari overexerting himself and catching a cold from constantly searching for him.
Miuna begins to question whether she actually wants Manaka to wake up after an accusation from Sayu, but continues to do her best in trying, even if she has to look after a sick Hikari as well.

Well that’s just terrifying isn’t it.

She was actually reading Snow White, it seems.

Miuna looks completely different with her hair out.

The whole second cour of this show so far has definitely been a lot more soap opera-like than the first half. This doesn’t make Nagi no Asukara a bad show, it just pushes it more into a genre I have little interest in. To be blatantly honest, I’ve realized that I don’t actually really care about this big love polygon going on – I just want all the kids to be happy and for everything to be okay. Unfortunately for me, the big love polygon is becoming an increasingly huger part of the show. True, I do want to at least know where it’s all headed but there are only so many awkward teenagers battling with their awkward emotions that I can deal with at once (let alone an entire casts worth) so this would definitely not be the kind of series I  would marathon. It’s the underlying plot and mystery that’s still keeping me enchanted with this show, and this episode gives us yet another one: where the hell did Uroko go? Did he perhaps know that Hikari was going to come looking for him?
Another interesting thing about this episode was the opportunity for Miuna and Tsumugu to share a moment, something that hasn’t really had much chance to happen so far. They’re very different characters, but that’s possibly why they were able to talk the way they did.
I’m looking forward to next week’s episode with the man cast all back together again for good. With only six more episodes, the climax can’t be too far off so I already know that we’ll be lulled into a false sense of security first.

…and different again with it like this.

The designated ‘look thoughtfully into the distance with scenery’ shot.

Gotta love Akira’s pictures. And it’s so nice to see you again, Manaka!

Out of 5,