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Continuing on from last time, Kate and the rest of the Zvezda members try to find the ancient Udo treasure, despite the whole ploy being one big trap set up by White Egret.  Amazingly, they DO manage to find the legendary treasure!  But things quickly turn dangerous when an outside force (not White Light) intervenes.

I’ve actually become very fond of those masks. They look quite cute on all the characters.

…do I even want to know where she kept that

However, when Kate gets ahold of the treasure, she undergoes an… interesting transformation, and manages to “conquer” the whole school.  Unfortunately, she is unable to remember the events of what exactly happened.  But with the school now shut down due to Kate’s actions, Jimon’s life is never the same again…

*externally screaming*

My Opinion: (There are SPOILERS!)

Okay, let me get this out of the way first: I can’t be the only one who doesn’t think that “Otakara” joke is as funny as a lot of people seem to.  It’s amusing the first time, but I really don’t understand why it’s so funny to so many people?  Anyway, it’s just one overly long gag; so putting that aside this episode was average.

This series is definitely starting to head into plot heavy territory (or as plot heavy as a series like Sekai Seifuku will ever get anyway); and things are starting to get serious.  I am especially intrigued by what Natasha said during the climax of this episode. Something about a prophecy where, when the one who will conquer the world meets with the treasure, the world will be conquered again.  That sounds… extremely ominous.  And even though it’s technically a “good thing” since we’re supposed to be on Zvezda’s side, it’s a bit worrying because of what the treasure did to Kate.  I think this is the first episode where Kate personally destroys something significant (the ENTIRE SCHOOL).  If her idea of conquering is just destroying things like that, then that explains how the world ended up becoming so barren in the prologue to this series…

We also get a huge PLOT TWIST in this episode.  I honestly wasn’t expecting Jimon’s family to come into play after he ran away from home in the first episode, but here we are.  It seems like his sister might be making a surprise appearance next episode too, which should be fun.

Honestly, even though I came into this series for the humor, the only thing keeping me interested is the plot now.  The humor just doesn’t seem to be striking any chords with me, although I did find the goofy, old-fashioned giant cellphones to be amusing.  The humor just felt so much more clever in the first few episodes.  After episode 3, things just sorta went downhill from there and Sekai Seifuku feels like it’s just resorting to easy and cliched gags now.  Anyway, this episode wasn’t too bad plotwise, and at least it didn’t have anything TOO cringe-worthy. So…

Out of five:

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What a twist!