Sekai Seifuku: Bouryaku no Zvezda Episode 8

Roboko actually has very cute casual clothes. I can’t believe it took me this long to notice…


White Light sends out its most skilled agent to capture the Zvezda members, and her name is White Falcon.  Her alter ego is a famous voice actress named Kaorin, and she quickly manages to infiltrate the Zvezda base by exploiting Kate’s love of the anime Robot Butler.

Do I even want to know what Robot Butler is about.

Meanwhile, Goro is separated from the others by way of a pastry convention, headed by a former member of his gang, Pierre.  This turns out to be a trap set up by White Light, though fortunately Goro is able to escape thanks to the noble sacrifice of Pierre.

Goro’s wife! She’s lovely.

Back at the base, Itsuka finally comes home from school, and quickly engages in a fight with Kaorin—or rather, Kaori; as she is really called.  Goro also returns home around this time.  Unfortunately, Kaori is much too strong, even for Goro.  During the scuffle, some hidden family relationships are revealed.  Kaori ultimately decides to leave the Zvezda base alone… for now.

Itsuka really grew on me this episode, along with Goro.
Ruined cake is the saddest thing.


Whoah, I wasn’t expecting such a good episode!  And also that reveal!

Yes, Kaori is the younger sister of Goro’s late wife.  And Itsuka is Goro’s daughter.  That actually caught me way off guard.  I was not expecting Itsuka to be connected to the Zvezda members in that way (through her father).  Based on all the flashbacks in earlier episodes, it seemed pretty random how the Zvezda members were picked.  Jimon met Kate by chance; Natasha and Roboko also met Kate by chance (and possibly from some meddling from evil fairies); and the same goes for Goro and Yasu.  I was wondering why Itsuka hadn’t gotten a “flashback episode” detailing her joining the Zvezda organization, but it turns out she may have joined alongside her dad, Goro.  I’m still stunned by this revelation, but it does make Goro’s and Itsuka’s interactions in past episodes make a LOT more sense in context.

Story-wise, I loved everything about this episode.  Although White Robin and White Egret were an even match for the Zvezda members, this episode marks the introduction of Zvezda’s strongest enemy.  I also liked that White Falcon was so easily able to expose Kate’s weakness—in that she still has the mindset of a child.  Seriously Kate, what the hell?  Though I guess Kate can be forgiven in that Kaori would have probably forced her way into their base anyway; even if Kate hadn’t been so caught up in her anime obsession.  Also, gotta love that they poke fun at adult fans of kiddy anime (*cough*precure fans*cough*).

And Goro!  His character really shined in this episode.  His backstory (like that of all the other Zvezda members) is terribly tragic. I really loved the scene where he pulled Pierre’s cake out of his… uh suit or wherever he kept it.  Because it was both hilarious and heartbreaking.  This is probably the best use of mood-whiplash I have seen in this series so far.  Who knew that a ridiculous pastry chef character could cause such an emotional scene?

Overall, this was a great episode, and I’m really liking this new, more serious direction the story is taking.  Although I do somewhat miss the comedy in the earlier episodes, I think Sekai Seifuku’s strong point is in its ridiculous albeit intriguing story.  Sekai Seifuku is still pretty ridiculous at times, but that doesn’t mean it can’t make you shed a tear when it wants you to.

Out of five:

precure heart2precure heart2precure heart2precure heart2


This silly anime wasn’t supposed to be this sad.

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