Sorry this took so long, its been a bit of a week and also this episode was…WELL.

Dandy has received information about an unregistered alien that remains unregistered as no one has been able to breach the highly magnetic field that surrounds its planet. For some reason the Aloha Oe is the only ship crew that have thought to use the instant transporter to get there, and so Dandy and Meow are sent to the planet Planta in search of something called ‘Code D’.
Planet Planta, however, is completely different to anything they’ve ever seen. It’s a planet where sentient plants have become the dominant species, existing in a state of constant trippiness. Dandy and Meow become separated – Meow falling in with different plantfolk who are more interested in fattening him up to eat him, while Dandy meets the more evolved ones, and journeys with them to find this ‘Code D’. It seems to be ‘Code D’ that has jump-started the plants hyper-evolution in the first place.

This guy was pretty cool.

Seriously Shaun Tan stuff going on here.

Dandy looked bizarre in this episode. It’s not just me, right?

Well um. That sure was something. Space Dandy has been a lot of things so far due to its various directors and head animators putting their own personal touch on each episode, but this episode was the strangest so far. In fact, it was more of an ‘experience’ than anything else. There was no humour, no over-the-top wackiness…everything is played straight, with this really contemplative, relaxed nature. It was, in a way, like some kind of experimental art; the main focus of course was on the trippy backgrounds and the designs of these plant things going around doing their thing in extended montages. There’s a part where Dandy just lies on the ground for ages looking stoned out of his mind while all this Technicolor weirdness exists around him (make of that what you will,) The design elements had some serious Shaun Taun vibes, as well as reminding me heavily of games like The Neverhood and Skullmonkeys. (To the extent that there were parts where I wondered if they could possibly be homages, especially in regards to the music and sound effects, but given how underrated both those games were I don’t even know if they had a following in Japan.) So long as I’m name-dropping, you could probably spot quite a few Takashi Murakami influences as well. In short, it’s… really hard to judge an episode like this.
The ending was actually rather sad, though, although I doubt that Dandy will carry the guilt of having reversed the plants evolution into the next episode. Speaking of which, it looks like the next episode will feature the long-awaited Betelgeuseans, possibly even including Meow’s family.

I almost want this framed.

This was basically all Meow did in this episode.

That seedling/sprout thing was kind of annoying.

Out of 5,