A hot springs episode! Fortunately (and thankfully) it’s not as bad as I was expecting.


Jimon and Renge end up going to the same hot spring resort, because both their respective companies are having meetings there.  It also turns out that the hot spring they’re going to is a front for both White Light AND Zvezda… somehow.

Nice kimono you got there Kate. Also this is the first mention of Zvezda having more members than just what we’ve seen.

There’s some hot springs shenanigans, and Jimon and Renge accidentally bump into each other as their alter-egos, Dva and White Robin.  As night falls, things get intense as both groups find out about each other.  Renge also makes some startling discoveries, and it seems that Yasu has finally turned his back on Zvezda.


Jimon almost manages to get killed, and is just happy to return back home.  However, it turns out he may not even have a home to return to…

Cool action scene go!

My Opinion: (Obviously, there are SPOILERS)

When I first found out this was a hot spring episode, I was… unhappy, to say the least.  I was afraid that it would just devolve into shameless fanservice.  While there was some fanservice this episode, it fortunately only comprises a small amount.  The rest of the episode is dedicated to Renge finding out that White Egret—her subordinate—is actually Miki, the girl she idolizes.  She also finds out that Dva is Jimon.  The episode ends without us really knowing how she feels about these revelations, but this certainly marks the point of no return story-wise.  From here on out, the series is shooting straight for the conclusion.

Yasu is now in cahoots with White Falcon/Kaori, as evidenced by him stealing Kate’s stuffed bunny/weapon.  The consequences of his actions will undoubtedly be seen in the next episode.  There’s also the fact Jimon’s city looks like it has been demolished.  This was expected, based on the mini-prologue at the beginning of episode 1, but…  At the same time this was kind of a sudden progression.  I personally feel that the series jumped a bit too quickly from “comic antics” to “oh we actually have a lot of members that you’ve never seen before and also we just leveled this city to the ground while you were on vacation.”  I suppose this was to be expected since Jimon’s school was destroyed so the next big thing would be… the entire city I suppose.  But look at all the past episodes!  Kate was just conquering small, silly things like dinner and warm-up exercises!  I suppose there were a lot of conquering going on “in the background” but that just feels a bit like flimsy story-telling to me.  Anyway I really hope the city being demolished gets explained next episode.

Overall, I felt that this episode had a nice mix of humor, action, and suspense.  I found the whole “night party” thing with the Zvezda members to be hilarious, and the transition to intense action scenes was pretty smooth and seamless.  I feel kind of sad that Natasha hasn’t been featured too prominently or done too much in these past episodes after the episode dedicated to her; though that’s more a personal opinion.  Anyway, with things winding down and no second season in sight, I’m really wondering how this series is going to ultimately wrap itself up.  We already know that Kate will conquer THE WORLD but it’s the way she’s going to achieve that goal that will determine whether this was a great series—or just a decent series with some nice quirks.

Out of five:

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