Hikari can’t help noticing disturbing things about Manaka – several of her memories seem to be missing, including the one of Hikari confessing to her before the Hibernation. This upsets him a lot, and makes him even more determined to find and confront Uroko. Luckily, the trick of luring Uroko using food and porn may have worked after all, and both Hikari and Miuna are able to confront him at last. He tells them that the change in Manaka is due to her becoming a kind of surrogate Ojoshi-sama – or sacrificial doll if you will – who was never supposed to be removed from her slumber on the sea floor. It also turns out that the Ena isn’t the only thing Manaka lost…when Hikari forcibly removed her to take her back to the surface, the Sea God took something else precious from her as well as throwing yet another spanner into the love polygon. Manaka has lost the ability to love.

I miss snow :c

A+ insult

Given how much this show likes to skirt around too much exposition in a single episode, tending to prefer letting tidbits slip bit by bit (just one of the things that makes for its almost glacial pace), I was a bit surprised at how much was revealed in this episode. Or maybe it just felt like a lot when compared to the others. So, this is the climactic moment the series has been gearing up for which will set up for the finale..and to be honest, I’m not really feeling it. It’s all a bit melodramatic to the point of almost being ridiculous, Manaka ‘lost the ability to love’? What does that mean, exactly, even in just the context of this show? She’s definitely shown herself capable of love since she woke up, unless it’s all an elaborate act on her part..although more likely it’s meant to be that she lost the ability for romantic love, as opposed to the platonic love she still obviously has for her friends. It’s yet another love polygon complication, sure…but it just seems over the top to me. I’m going to have to see how the next episode expands on this to understand it fully and decide whether it’s a decent twist or not, because as it is now, I’m really not in the mood for this kind of romantic-love-conquers-all melodrama. Just call it a pet peeve of mine.
There was more information about the sea god at least, which I had been waiting on for quite a while now. I was wondering if we were ever going to actually see the guy, but it turns out he’s long gone, with only his emotions left floating around the sea and manifesting as whirlpools. For the time being, it seems that Uroko is the only ‘link’ the others have to him.
Anyway, I’m still impressed with the art and animation in this show, especially considering how it still hasn’t really slipped up too noticeably even on the twenty-second episode. The high production values really do add an extra dimension to the show that makes it a lot more enjoyable for me personally.

I really love what this show does with glowing light in scenes.

I’m hoOOArhg!

Out of 5,

Episode 23


Uroko isn’t particularly¬† helpful in explaining how Manaka’s heart can be returned to normal, saying it either can or can’t, but Hikari is determined to fix it. Miuna and Sayu understand that the ability to love someone is incredibly important, but Kaname and Chisaki surprise him by remarking that Manaka might even be happier this way. After all, losing the ability to love someone also means losing the ability to be sad about them.
All the talk about loving finally spurs Sayu to action, and she declares her intention to confess her feelings to Kaname, although because this is Nagi no Asukara that won’t actually happen until the next episode. Tsumugu is somewhat quicker, confessing to Hikari about his feelings for Chisaki, who overhears. This is incredibly inconvenient for Hikari though, because he still strongly believes that Tsumugu is the one Manaka loves and thus could be the key to restoring her heart to how it was.

The writing in this show is pretty weird. It’s still legible as japanese, but the circles make it look futuristic, or even like Pokemon/Unown-runes. It’s not like it’s just a font choice here, either; nearly all the writing is like this.

With Manaka’s huge doll-like eyes, I imagine it wont be long until there are some licensed dolls made of her – most likely Pureneemo, possibly Dolfie.

Alright, that’s more like it. As much as I complain about Awkward Teenagers Angsting About Their Feelings and Misunderstandings and episode after episode of Will They Wont They and love polygons that Grow Increasingly Complicated, I’m a lot less bitter about it once things finally start happening. And, even better, right now it’s not entirely predictable who is actually going to end up with who and who will be left alone. It seems to be steering in the direction of Hikari and Manaka becoming the series’ main couple, but I’m actually most curious about how Sayu’s confession is going to go down. Also, Sayu is really great. She’s emotional and can be childish but she’s shown on more than one occasion that she’s actually the most mature in her own way. She’s not afraid to call people out on bullshit, she’s not afraid to show her anger, and she’s finally fed up with doing nothing and is actually going to help move the plot. She has a crush on Kaname but lets him know when he says things that offend her. She admits her crush is only a crush and might not even last, but wants to confess for closure alone and is mature enough to declare ahead of time that a negative outcome won’t keep her down. For a character who came very close to getting the ‘characters I hate’ tag in the first cour, its pretty impressive how she’s one of my favourites now.
As for the whole Manaka losing her heart thing, it kind of makes a bit more sense in regards to the whole ‘if you can’t feel love for someone you can’t feel pain for them’ thing that came up in season 1 with Miuna in particular. (What does make this confusing however is that Miuna’s love for Akari was platonic, and the show seems to be implying that it was Manaka’s ability for romantic love that was lost, so that parallel does have its faults.) Given that unrequited love is a pretty big thing in this show, it also makes sense for Chisaki and Kaname to envy Manaka for it. I doubt Manaka’s heart is really gone for good, but I’m kind of interested to see how Hikari (we know its going to be Hikari) brings it back.
One more thing though, I’m starting to get real sick of the girls running away when they get confessed to. It’s kind of ridiculous, especially with how old Chisaki is now. When she heard the confession I thought to myself ‘she’s not gonna run is she’, so when she BOLTED OFF AND DIVED INTO THE OCEAN I actually cracked up. It can be hard for me to take this kind of melodrama seriously. But Tsumugu’s little underwater confession speech to her was really nice (can’t say I expected Tsumugu to suddenly get Ena too) so I can forgive it a little.

How did she manage to sneak up on them unnoticed on a barren ice-floe to overhear the confession anyway?

‘I really can smile after all’

Out of 5,