Sekai Seifuku: Bouryaku no Zvezda Episode 10

There are pretty obviously SPOILERS from here on out.

Nice make-shift shelter, guys.


The situation in West Edogawa is dire when the Zvezda members return back from their hot springs vacation.  The Tokyo Special Forces, headed by Jimon’s father who is also the governor, destroy Zvezda’s base leaving the Zvezda members homeless.

Renge attempting to reason with the Zvezda members.

Things further escalate when the Zvezda members are sniffed out, with Roboko and Goro staying behind to sacrifice themselves so Kate and the others can escape.  Meanwhile, Kaori resigns as head of the White Light group, making White Egret/Miki her replacement.

No kidding.

As the Tokyo Special Forces continue to bring down anything related to the Zvezda organization, the four remaining Zvezda members attempt to locate a back-up udo generator in order to rebuild their base.  Unfortunately, they’ve fallen into a trap laid out by White Egret.  Just when things look grim, White Robin/Renge unexpectedly defects to Zvezda’s side.  Jimon attempts to surrender as the governor’s son so that the others can escape.  Sadly, his dad has ordered a hit on him; thus Jimon and Renge are forced to run while Itsuka runs the other way with Kate, while Natasha attempts (and fails) to hold off the Special Forces.

Natasha… :c

My Opinion:

Remember when this was just a silly anime and everything was ridiculous and hilarious?  The past few episodes of Sekai Seifuku may have gotten more dark and serious, but this one takes the cake.  Three of the main characters are now out of commission, and Jimon gets separated from Kate.  This is an episode where all of the worst things that could go wrong actually goes wrong.

I’m… not entirely sure how to handle this bomb of an episode.  While I commended Sekai Seifuku in the past few episodes for becoming a bit more serious plot-wise… I’m torn.  While more plot is nice, the series’ tone change felt a little bit abrupt.  Like I mentioned last time, I really wish we could have been more clued in to the fact that Zvezda had a huge, giant organization working in the background all this time.  The giant plot reveal at the beginning of this episode felt a bit like bad episode writing too.  So apparently Zvezda and White Light or the Tokyo Special Forces or whatever had already been warring for quite a while, leaving only West Edogawa as a city that wasn’t ravaged by war.  Well, that certainly explains that weird night curfew that was enacted in episode 1.  But at the same time this makes me wonder why Jimon never at all mentioned how dire the situation actually was in episodes 1 to 9.  Is West Edogawa really that “sheltered” that Jimon had no idea what the rest of Japan was going through?  If the Zvezda organization was that notorious wouldn’t Jimon have realized what he was getting into in episode 1, because I’m pretty sure Kate flat out mentions Zvezda by name?  While the plot reveals this episode were pretty neat, I feel like this opens up a lot more questions than it answers…

Anyway, the action scenes were all well-done and I genuinely felt tense when Goro, Roboko, and Natasha were disabled by the Special Forces.  And the governor, man.  Putting a hit on your own son.  That’s cruel.  Still, what is up with Jimon’s sister?  She keeps appearing in old photos of Jimon’s family, so I get the feeling that she’s relevant to the plot somehow.

…Oh god, Jimon’s sis isn’t gonna turn out to be Renge, is it?  I mean, that’s a sort of farfetched theory but it seems like that’s possible since Jimon’s sister has the same fringe and roughly the same hair color as Renge…  Jimon’s mom could have had divorced his dad while taking Renge with her and remarried, thus why Renge has a different last name…  Oh god, if this turns out to be true I don’t know how to react.

Anyway this episode was pretty good so out of five:

precure heart2precure heart2precure heart2precure heart2



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