Space Dandy Episode 11


Perry has declared war on a certain planet that functions as a giant library, because they dared to harass him with overdue fees. Dr Gel, however, is too busy deeply involved in his own research to decipher the mysteries of life, the universe and everything. Anyway, the reason Perry wasn’t able to return his library book is because Dandy stole it from him. The thing is, Dandy and co have no memory of this happening at all – all they know is that they’re bringing a special alien to the Registration Office in a box, and if they open the box, everyone will forget everything about it, including Dandy and co. Whew. Of course, the box is eventually opened anyway, causing everyone to forget why they were there in the first place, so Dandy takes the book that was in the box and leaves. Inside the book is a ticket to the library planet, so the crew decide to pay it a visit. That’s when things begin to fall into place – the book is actually an alien that can erase memories at will, which Dandy apparently ‘rescued’ from Perry. What’s more, she’s the ruler of the planet.

I can’t believe it took me this long to realize Honey has stars in her eyes.
Space Ducklips
The backgrounds sure went weird after a while.

Man was it difficult writing a synopsis for this episode, because there’s not really any delicate way of doing so without giving the whole thing away, so if you’re one of those people who for some reason reads my reviews before seeing the episodes, uh, sorry. The way the facts of the episode were slowly revealed, not to mention the storyline itself, reminded me of a good Doctor Who episode. (you know, from before Doctor Who devolved into senseless stupidity several seasons back.) (Of  course, library planets and aliens that make you forget them were also featured in Doctor Who. Intentional reference or coincidence?)
The whole part with Dr Gel frantically trying to figure things out – hinting at some kind of strange power that Dandy may possess – is another rare instance in the show that hints at whatever the hell the ‘main plot’ is. Given that this episode ended with a ‘to be continued’, I can only wonder. Of course, given that this is Space Dandy it’s entirely possible the ‘to be continued’ was just a joke and the next episode won’t have anything to do with this one, but we’ll see I guess.  On that note…it’s still unknown how long Space Dandy is continuing. If it’s going to only be 12 or 13 episodes, then next week’s could be the grand finale, but it could end up continuing for much longer. I honestly don’t know why the number of episodes at this point in time still hasn’t been determined.
There’s this weird pencily, charcoal-esque flavour on all the backgrounds on Library Planet, which has a really strange effect. Although I’m honestly wondering if it was the original intent, because it does look pretty cool sometimes, but at other times it literally looks like the characters are walking inside the episode’s storyboards. Come to think of it, some of the character animation was a bit stilted in this episode, too.
It’s hard to really judge this episode without knowing if the ‘TBC’ is legitimate or not; if it isn’t then this episode kind of lacked any real conclusion (although that happens a lot in this show), but it was definitely unique. Plus it had a moe book that blushes.

Artistic decision or unfinished backgrounds? You decide!
Space Dandy has a lot of weird things, but a blushing moe book is at the top of that list I can say.
‘the hell is this’

Out of 5,

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