Dear Chisaki, stop being stupid, love from me.

Despite the fact that Chisaki clearly feels something for Tsumugu, she rejects his advances, feeling that she’ll be betraying Manaka if she likes Tsumugu instead of Hikari, due to everyone being under the impression that some Tsumugu-lovin is all Manaka needs to get her heart back. Meanwhile, Manaka becomes confused what this strange thing called ‘love’ is exactly, having apparently lost all memory of ever knowing it.
Tsumugu is sick of everyone shipping him with Manaka and comes up with another possible method of restoring Manaka’s heart – holding another Ofunehiki ceremony, this time with a wooden Ojoshi-sama wearing the necklace Miuna gave Manaka in the previous episode, which allegedly contained the feelings she confided to a red-bellied sea slug in stone-form. (This makes sense in context, I promise.) And, finally, Sayu and Kaname have a moment.

That’s one classy bathroom.

And this is adorable.

He has a point.

Near the start of this episode Tsumugu remarks about his experience underwater with ‘the feelings…are everywhere’ which just about sums up this entire show, particularly this episode. I feel like I’ve complained a lot about this show and its pacing recently so this is one of the first episodes in what seems like a long time that I legitimately enjoyed. For starters, it did clear up my earlier confusion concerning Manaka’s heart – she’s lost both romantic and platonic love, shown by her complete inability to understand the ‘I love you’ picture little Akira gave to her. I guess her friendly attitude and apparent affection for everybody is somehow different to ‘love’, although she does remark ‘I know that I love all of you, yet I feel like there must be something more to it.’ I must say, I didn’t expect Manaka to actually comment on this new issue of hers at all – I was expecting it was just something she plain wasn’t aware of. Now that she’s actually conscious of the fact that there’s an emotion she doesn’t know how to experience, nor can remember ever actually having experienced, it makes things more interesting.
The Ofunehiki ceremony was what caused the disaster at the series halfway point so it seems kind of fitting for it to be part of the series climax as well. And I’m really looking forward to seeing how it goes. It was actually quite nice seeing everyone working together on ceremony again, albeit with most of the cast now more mature. I honestly think that it has a better chance of restoring Manaka’s heart and memories than Tsumugu pretending to be in love with her. Which reminds me, dammit, Chisaki. She’s been annoying me a lot lately with being overly dramatic about this whole thing with this weird conviction that Chisaki loves Tsumugu. The fact that she can’t quite seem to get over the fact that Hikari doesn’t love her is also frustrating.
The best part of the episode came at the end with Sayu’s confession to Kaname, which was unexpectedly one of the loveliest confession scenes I’ve ever seen in an anime. All this time I’d been expecting both these two to end up alone, so having Kaname not reject Sayu really surprised me. When he started to cry and say that he hadn’t realized anyone on the surface had been waiting for him, unlike the other sea kids…that was just adorable and sweet. I’m really happy about this development and I’m glad that my two favourite characters were the first to actually get together. All the fluffing around and slow pacing and going around in awkward love polygon circles for the past ten or so episodes was entirely worth it for this scene alone.

Yet if feels so different with the different uniforms.



Out of 5,