We’re nearing the endgame so there are SPOILERS ahead!

I think I like this outfit a bit more than her usual black one. It’s cute!


Jimon and Renge are still on the run, as are Kate and Itsuka.  Natasha has been captured by the Tokyo Special forces and is being held hostage so they can use her science knowledge.  Meanwhile, Roboko and Goro are still incapacitated.  Jimon’s father, Kyoshiro, has now apparently conquered all of Japan under his rule.  Things are looking grave for the remaining Zvezda members.

My favorite character… D:

On the day in which Kyoshiro is about to end martial law in Tokyo, Kate and Itsuka appear to make one final stand.  However, Kate is still powerless without Galaktika, her stuffed bunny.  Elsewhere, Jimon and Renge have a chat on their old school’s rooftop.  Jimon tells Renge more about his father, who was an extremely selfish and cold man.  Afterwards, Jimon resolves to go help Kate, because he’d rather have a future where people can live their own lives freely than under the dictatorship of his father.

The whole flashback sequence here was just uncomfortable to watch. Uncomfortable in a depressing sort of way, I mean.

He’s a monster, figuratively and literally!

My Opinion:

Going into this series, I was not expecting Sekai Seifuku to be this sad.  Because holy cow, this episode was just depressing.  It was a great episode, but still really depressing to watch.

Kyoshiro, man. Just… Kyoshiro.  Not only is he revealed to be an actual monster now (due to the cigars he smokes or something), but damn was he a monster even before then.  The flashback where Jimon related his father’s few home visits was just… sad.  No wonder Jimon hates his dad so much; enough to run away from home in the beginning!  And then you have to remember that Kyoshiro actually ordered a hit on his son last episode too.  With his father being as terrible as he is, I don’t blame Jimon for liking the Zvezda household so much.

Roboko’s and Goro’s fate are still undetermined at this point, though the next episode preview hints that they aren’t dead.  Also, Natasha’s tears can apparently create new KuruKurus!  How… how does that even work?  So are the Kurukurus a part of her body or something?  Anyway, what’s most interesting about this episode imo is the opener.  Kate appears to have been alive for a really long time, and apparently stopped aging once she decided to conquer the world.  I kind of wish she had kept her white outfit, because that’s a really cute outfit for her.  But I digress…

Overall, this was a great episode.  Watching it felt like getting a punch in the emotional gut.  I never expected to be this invested in the characters and story of this anime, but here we are.

Out of five:

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Next episode may be the last, so I’m really looking forward to that!