Space Dandy Episode 12

Time for my favourite show, ‘Fishing with QT’.

Scarlett, at the Alien Registration office, is becoming increasingly annoyed with the boring low-tier aliens that Dandy and co keep bringing in, as it costs her office a lot of money and time even to pay him a miniscule amount. She suggests that unless he is going to bring in something truly rare and exciting – like, say, the legendary Chameleonian alien whose true form has never been seen due to its ability to transform into anything – he may as well not come at all. The crew take this advice to heart and set out in search of a Chameleonian – by fishing – undeterred by the fact that literally no one has ever found one before.  QT quickly grows to love fishing even as Dandy and Meow soon tire of it, and even though the only thing they ever catch are Tsuchinoko. (That’s a famous Japanese cryptid that tends to appear in anime quite a lot, by the way.)  QT eventually catches a ‘black Tsuchinoko’ and takes it onboard, where eventually the crew learns that it wasn’t actually a Tsuchinoko, it was the Chameleonian. What follows is a desperate hunt to find the creature on board their ship, although since it can transform into anything – including them – this proves quite a challenge.

I really appreciate that Meow sleeps like this.
This episode also featured an eye-catch, which hasn’t exactly been the norm so far. Can you spot all 5 differences?
I also appreciate that Meow apparently has a cat’s head for a heart.

Just as expected, the ‘to be continued’ from last episode meant absolutely nothing. Not even whatever it was that Doc Gel discovered came up again…although he did construct a ridiculous device for capturing Dandy which actually almost worked, which is just about the closest Gel has gotten to competence on the Dandy front. Also re: what I said in the last review, it’s now been revealed that next week’s Space Dandy will be the last episode…of this season, with a new season starting in July. A new season I will certainly be watching, although probably not reviewing. I really love this show but it’s generally not my policy to do sequels on Moeronpan in favour of new shows…plus there’s a certain other sequel in July I’m prioritising.
Anyway, like most Space Dandy episodes this one was fun and silly, with some moments of great comic timing. I laughed at QT’s sudden transformation into fishing fiend, the crew searching desperately for the Chameleonian whilst it casually follows them, and the ridiculous Dandy Quiz segment (‘is that your Final Dandy?’ is now one of my favourite quotes from this show, actually.) Most of all though, how the show is by now actively embracing and poking fun at its own plot conventions – namely, the ‘who even cares what the resolution to this is’, where Dandy and pseudo-Dandy give up on trying to prove which of them is the real deal (and actually making themselves confused about it) and decide to just continue the show with two Dandys.
It’s been a really fun, psychadelic, ridiculous and yet surprisingly touching ride so far so I’m interested to see what Space Dandy’s first season finale is going to be like.

We all saw this coming.
AKA ‘Who Wants To Be A Dandyaire’
Space Dandy Episode Resolutions in a nutshell.

Out of 5,

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