Wow, this Sailor Moon reboot is really different.

Yui’s family works at a shrine, so you could say she has a certain closeness to the spiritual world. However, she considers her working there nothing more than a free-time activity and not something she wants to pursue for the rest of her life – and believes it’s high time she start sorting her future out. Unfortunately for her, she doesn’t exactly get time to do this, because when she discovers a mystical magical sword in the store-room it spirits her away to an academy in another dimension. She’s not the only one there; a bevy of beautiful boys seem to have come with her, who are just as confused about their new predicament as her. Eventually she meets what seems to be the headmaster of this school, who casually introduces himself as Zeus and the other boys as various Gods from different cultures. There’s the Japanese Tsukuyomi and Susanoo, Nordic Loki and Baldr, and Greek Hades and Apollon. Zeus explains that the fact that present day humans don’t tend to believe in Gods is some kind of ill omen, and that these Gods themselves ought to be educated about humanity and love. Yui was the one chosen to help them with that.
Don’t laugh. Very serious.

Protag-girl has a pretty nice design. Sir Tripsalot (Baldr) is kind of cute as well.

Ah, otome games. We actually got two this season but me and Ariana decided to take one each, and this was the one I ended up with. I went into it expecting a whole load of dumb otoge bullshit as usual, ready to forget it existed after I watched it. Now, I certainly ended up with a lot of dumb bullshit but Kamigami Asobi is the kind of show that is actually so ludicrously idiotically stupid that it loops right back around to being incredible. This show is hilarious and it’s hard to even tell if its playing everything straight or if its being tongue-in-cheek.
If you like cheesy otoge anime you’re probably already watching this. It’s full of cookie-cutter hot dudes with dumb hair that don’t look all that different to other dudes in otoge anime, except this time they’re all Gods. But if you also really enjoy laughing at ludicrously ridiculous campy things, there’s a lot to appreciate as well. There’s the premise alone, for example. There’s the fact that Loki looks like a teenage emo mallgoth (and on that note, why the hell is Loki included anyway? If Zeus is worried about people not appreciating Gods these days, has he even seen Loki fans? There’s legit unironic kids on tumblr that make legit unironic worshipping alters for him. Loki doesn’t have anything to worry about here.) There’s the fact that every time a new guy appears, a bunch of cg flowers explode into bloom behind him. There’s the fact that the episode opens with some kind of dramatic battle we don’t actually know the meaning of yet in which the Apollon guy does a straight-up magical-girl style transformation involving his shirt EXPLODING OFF OF HIS BODY IN A STORM OF SPARKLES while only strategic angles and a cloth hide his nudie bits (but not his bum, which goes in the screen). There’s the fact that Zeus can turn into a little boy at will because why not. There’s the fact that the end theme features all the boys standing perfectly still and sometimes naked but all singing along to the end theme with only their mouths moving which is as funny as it sounds. After Yui gets spirited away, something absurdly dumb happens almost every five seconds so it’s also not exactly boring, and I actually had to keep pausing it every now and then due to my own laughter. This show is absolutely hilariously idiotic and I completely recommend it to anyone who loves laughing at this kind of thing. It’s an ideal kind of show for laughing at with friends in a livestream too.
Besides the things you can definitely enjoy ironically (or hell even unironically if you’re into this kind of show) there’s some other good things; it looks pretty great and fluid, and I was pretty impressed with the backgrounds. Yui is also (so far) pretty decent as a lead, she’s cute but not a completely passive blank slate like Haruka in UtaPri was. She also does kendo, which I hope is something that comes up again. It also features a pretty impressive roster of vocal talent with a lot of fangirl favourites like Kamiya Hiroshi and Daisuke Ono.
Out of the four shows I’ve watched of this season so far I had the most fun watching this. I’m kind of sad that there aren’t more Gods; where are the Egyptians? Where are theĀ goddesses? (Edit= I now realize that there is a Thoth and Anubis, and I’m vaguely disappointed Anubis doesn’t actually have a jackal head. But aw, come on, no Bastet?) But anyway, if you legitimately like crooning bishounen all fawning over the same girl, go for it. If you like laughing at dumb campy stuff for ironic purposes, go for it, especially if you can watch it with friends. Otherwise, nothing to see here.

gee I wonder who the main route in the game is

Out of 5,
This is really difficult but