Can you guess which girl is the assassin? It’s not that hard.


A young woman named Azuma Tokaku has been training to be an assassin presumably all her life, and is one day drafted by her supervisor/guardian into a special class known as the Black Class.  There are 12 other students there—11 of which are assassins like her, along with one normal student.  Azuma’s task is to sniff out and assassinate the one normal student (their “target”) before anyone else.

This is Azuma’s personal supervisor… or something. He’s really annoying.

The first episode mainly just deals with Azuma’s first day at the school, where she meets with all the other students.  Azuma quickly figures out that Haru, an energetic girl who happens to be her roommate, might possibly be the target she’s after.  However, Azuma is haunted by certain flashbacks of her past, which seem to be triggered in the presence of Haru…

“tee hee, i’m so evil”

My Opinion:

Okay, the summary given for this anime before the first episode aired was basically, “Azuma is an assassin girl tasked with killing Haru; but she eventually falls in love with Haru and instead tries to protect her from the other 11 students who are out for her life.”  So it’s the story trope where the assassin falls in love with their target, except it’s given a bit of a unique spin in that both assassin and target are girls.

Honestly, I’m not too sure how to feel about this series yet.  Even though I knew that this first episode was supposed to be full of tension, I just felt kind of bored by the end of it.  The characters are just a little too… uh, anime for my tastes.  I get that the girls are all supposed to have a “dark” side because (most) of them are assassins, but it’s just hammed up way too much that I couldn’t take it seriously.  Basically, they are all secretly over-the-top yandares.  Especially the girl named Mahiru, who apparently does a complete 180 personality change depending on the time of day.  During the day, she’s a timid, withdrawn kind of girl.  But at night she just turns into a loud and violent person.  This episode tired to make her unnerving by showing a scene of her laughing evilly while floating in a humongous bathtub in dim candlelight surrounded by rubber duckies but…  Well just re-read that sentence!  I cracked up at that part, which is prooobably not what the anime director(s) were aiming for.

I really cannot stand most of the characters, save Azuma.  And even then Azuma’s constant flashbacks in this episode were bordering on the annoying.  WE GET IT SHOW.  AZUMA SEEMS TO HAVE BEEN TRAUMATIZED BY SOMETHING IN HER YOUTH.  Seriously, this anime just throws subtlety out the window, and that’s not necessarily a good thing.  I really wish they didn’t make is so obvious who the assassins were from the beginning, because it’s much more fun to guess at the “target” rather than just having it being flat out said “hey everyone this really nice girl is the one they have to kill.” Concerning Haru, I do like that she appears to have some hidden depths beyond her one-note “genki” behavior, but for now she’s just really bland.

Overall… ehhhhhh.  This show is definitely not the sort of thing I enjoy.  The girls are pretty uninteresting so far, and they’re all intensely passive-aggressive towards each other for obvious reasons.  The animation isn’t bad, and there isn’t too much blatant fanservice so far, though I get the sinking feeling that will change soon enough.  If you like yuri, or any series that pits assassins against other assassins, then you’d probably like this.  For me, it was just sort of dull.

Out of five:

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This was basically my same reaction to her supervisor.