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A male protagonist who actually looks and acts really cute? I’m amazed.


A high-school boy named Yuki one day becomes interested in a classmate of his named Kaori.  Kaori seems cold and distant, and always tries to push away anyone who wants to be friends with her.  Yuki (for some reason) really wants to be Kaori’s friend.  He soon finds out that she always eats lunch on the roof, because it’s technically “off-limits” and so there’s no one else there to bother her.  Even though Kaori insists that she does not want to be friends with Yuki, Yuki manages to convince her to let him eat lunch with her on the rooftop, as “not friends.”

Everyone is too adorable in this series.

Over the next few days, the two slowly start to become friends, and Yuki realizes that Kaori isn’t really as cold a person as she appears.  However, on Friday, Kaori suddenly tells Yuki never to speak to her again.  She says that the reason she’s been trying not to make friends is because it doesn’t matter if she makes them–every week on Monday, her memory resets so she’ll just forget everything and everyone that she’s met during the previous week (barring her parents).


When Yuki hears of this news, he’s devastated.  And even moreso when he comes back to school on Monday, realizing that what Kaori said was the truth.  She really has forgotten the time they shared together on the rooftop.  However, Yuki is resolved to be Kaori’s friend no matter what, since he realizes that she’s truly lonely.  Thus, he once again asks Kaori to be his friend.

My Opinion:

I wasn’t expecting much going into this series, as I don’t have any prior knowledge about it except for the summary blurb on anime season preview sites.  However, I ended up being very charmed by this series.

Isshuukan Friends is definitely one of the more slow-paced series; which makes sense since it’s about two high schoolers and their developing relationship.  It is also quite relaxing to watch in spite of it’s main point of drama–that is, Kaori’s memory loss.  The art-style and color soft color palette just make this a very pleasant series to watch.  I am also thankful (so thankful) that this series doesn’t have any fanservice or bad attempts at humor.  Sure, Yuki and Kaori act sort of awkward around each other, but it’s portrayed realistically because they’re teenagers.

Yuki is possibly the cutest male lead I’ve seen in a long while.  His voice is so, so adorable.  His voice actor is apparently Yamaya Yoshitaka, who’s seems to be a relatively new voice actor.  (Also he’s only 22… two years younger than me… man I feel old)  Anyway, Yuki seems like a fairly interesting male lead so far.  Even though some hints of romance is already implied between Yuki and Kaori further down the line, I just find it really endearing that he wants to be her friend so much.  In these types of series, most boy-girl relationships are narrowly slotted into romantic relationships.  So even if Yuki and Kaori don’t become anything more than just friends, I’d totally be fine with it because we need more platonic boy-girl friendships like that in anime.  I know I talked (way too much) about Yuki, but I’m glad that the other major/minor characters like Kaori and Shogo are fairly interesting too.

Overall, the story that Isshuukan Friends has set up is rather intriguing.  Although these types of stories have been told before, regarding character(s) who have amnesia of various forms, I’m excited to see how Isshuukan Friends handles it because I honestly don’t know where this series is heading.  (Though I get the feeling that there will be many tearjerkers before the series ends…)  The only minor criticism I have is that the art-style does make the characters’ side profiles look a little strange.  Fortunately, it’s not too prominent.  This seems like a series I would love to watch, so for now I’m tentatively adding it to my list of series to review for this spring season.

Out of five:

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