The entire opening/intro sequence actually really reminds me of the one for the Madoka series…


There is a card game that is quickly gaining popularity throughout Japan, called WIXOSS.  Ru, a girl who lives with her grandma and is a new-comer to her city, is one day given a starter set of WIXOSS cards by her older brother.  When inspecting one of the cards soon after, she realizes that she can hear AND see the girl in the card talking and moving!  Freaked out, Ru ends up having a nightmare that night.  However, she nonetheless takes the card to school the next day, where the girl in the card keeps insisting on a “battle.”

I actually do quite like Ru’s relationship with her grandma. It’s sweet.

At school, she’s soon accosted by a dark-haired girl named Yuzuki.  Yuzuki explains to Ru that they are both “Selectors.”  Only Selectors can hear and see special cards called LRIGs.  By battling with their LRIGs, Selectors can make their wish come true if they win enough battles.  Yuzuki immediately challenges Ru to a card battle, knowing that Ru doesn’t know much about the game yet.  However, Ru proves herself to be more capable than she appears, almost defeating Yuzuki through sheer beginners luck.  Unfortunately the game has to be cancelled as the two girls are interrupted by the school bell, signaling the end of lunch.

After school, Yuzuki once again confronts Ru; and Ru invites Yuzuki to her house.  The two somehow manage to become friends.  That night, Ru is happy because she’s made a friend, which was what her grandma wanted.  But it appears that trouble may be brewing in the near future for the newly-made Selector…


My Opinion:

I’ve heard this anime called a mix between “Bakugan and Madoka.”  I also think there’s a small mix of Angelic Layer in there, but honestly; this series reminds me much more of Fantasista Dolls.  (And yes I know I never got the chance to finish reviewing that series on here…)

There are card games, all the Selectors seem to be girls, and the girls have epic card battles in this weird mind realm where their respective LRIGs battle it out.  There are also constant hints of there being something much “darker” going on in the background.  That, along with the constant reminder that LRIGs can grant miracles/wishes, is what makes people compare this show to Madoka (well… barring the card games, of course).  As much as I liked Madoka, I’m getting pretty darn sick of all these magical-girl-esque shows that are hinted to have really dark twists later on.  Protip anime producers: Madoka was only really successful because it didn’t reveal how dark it really was until around episode 3.  I found the first episode of Selector Infected WIXOSS to be somewhat melodramatic in places because they were pushing the “look at how DARK this series will get!” angle so hard.

Not to say that this anime isn’t interesting, though.  Ru’s LRIG (that she named Tama) shows signs of being scarily violent.  Also, I’m very suspect of one of the rules concerning Selectors.  Supposedly, if a Selector loses three battles, their LRIG disappears and they lose their Selector ability—meaning that they won’t have any more chances at making their wish come true.  But… is it really possible for Selector’s wishes to come true just by battling?  And why do I get the feeling that being stripped of their Selector powers is far more devastating than what’s been said?  Yuzuki continually insists that it’s all “just a game,” which is so much more powerful at being foreboding than all the nightmares that Ru has.  Because seriously, prophetic nightmares have been done to death in anime.

Character-wise, this series is okay I guess.  Ru and Yuzuki, who appear to be the two main girls, have decent designs.  Ru is sort of a dull protagonist for now, but that’s typical of first episodes ’cause not much gets to be shown off.  Still, I do question how she learned to play the game so quickly in one sitting; and her first at that!  I know that she probably read the game manual before-hand or something, but still; she was shouting commands like a pro during that mind-card battle!  Yuzuki is… well…  Her wish is that she wants a boy named Kazuki to love her back.  What’s the problem then?  Kazuki is her TWIN BROTHER.  I just side-eyed this series really hard after that reveal because uh… really?  I guess it makes sense now just why Yuzuki wants to make her wish come true so badly but uh.  Now I just feel sort of uncomfortable.  Also surprise incest in an anime strikes again

Addendum: Okay, I feel like I need to explain my intense distaste for incest-as-a-trope in anime (and I suspect this is the reason why Moeronpan hates it too).  I know that there are cases of brother/sister romantic love in this world.  There are millions of people living on this earth, so obviously cases like that do happen.  BUT (and it’s a huge “but”) I highly doubt it happens as often as anime seems to portray it happening.  Seriously, there are what, three or so shows every season that has hints of incest now?  And it always seems to be the female characters who are the first ones to fall in love with their brother–never the other way around.  Oh no, the brother is always the sensible one trying to resist his sister’s advances.  It just smacks of fetishism, in the creepiest way possible.  I get the feeling people who write these creepy incest-type series have never actually had siblings before.  This also pushes the idea of “a girl and a guy are living together therefore they MUST have romantic feelings for eachother!” and that is dumb and bullshitty.  Lately I get the feeling that sister-type characters are the fall-back herione–just like best-female-friend characters used to be.  If the guy doesn’t get his dream girl, at least he still has his sister, right?  Augh, that was painful to type. /rant over

ANYWAY this series is sort of like Fantasista Dolls—except darker.  However, I actually really liked Fantasista Dolls and I only feel sort of lukewarm about WIXOSS.  Why?  I suppose I was just charmed by Fantasista Dolls because it didn’t take itself too seriously (for the most part) and was quite silly at times.  Plus, the designs of the dolls were much more unique to me than the designs of the LRIGs in Selector Infected WIXOSS.  WIXOSS is still a very prettily animated series, with some sort of intriguing story set up.  Sadly it just isn’t my sort of thing.  I sound like I really hated the episode based on what I’ve written above (Yuzuki…), but honestly I just found it sort of “so average it’s average.”

Out of five:

precure heart2precure heart2and 1/2

 (also sorry I couldn’t resist making “surprise incest” a tag on here now)

Tama’s design is… cute? I guess? But the lack of words she can say and her constant meowing just come off as reaaaalllly damn creepy in that I know there’s gotta be some otaku dudes who are gonna be all over this.