Not the best of ideas.

Moving, thankfully, far far away from japanese highschools, let’s instead go to a vaguely medieval fantasy land. (Look, I’ll take what I can get in this season.) In this vaguely medieval fantasy land is the small Principality of Rain, which will be granted autonomy under one condition: one of the four princesses must wed the King of the Sun Kingdom. Although she doesn’t particularly want to, particularly after hearing about what a creepy old guy the King is, the youngest daughter Rike ends up being selected and is sent on her way. She decides to leave her entourage on the ship and go to the capital by herself, which requires her to go through a rather rowdy seaside town called Lepion. Unfortunately, even though she’s a princess, the exchange rate between the Principality of Rain and the Sun Kingdom is horrible and thus she finds herself with barely any spendable money. What’s worse, thugs in the town are quick to take advantage of her…although luckily for her, a kind family takes her in. After a second mishap with the thugs from earlier in the episode, Rike is finally ready to continue onwards to see the King himself….who turns out to be a young boy.

Why hello there, potential favourite character.

It’s been a while since I’ve seen a good shojo anime so I’d been anticipating this particular series, although I’m going into it completely blind. I’ve got to say, from the title (‘Even so, the world is beautiful’) I was expecting something a lot more philosophical and contemplative, and certainly not a fantasy setting, but here we are.
Rike’s a decent enough character – particularly for a shojo series – and she’s one I wouldn’t mind following a series about. She does have a lot of dumb anime reactions to things, which could get tiring pretty fast, and her design isn’t particularly inspiring, but she also seems like a very ‘genuine’ character as well as being strong to boot. But to be honest, for the majority of the episode she was the only thing I was really paying any attention to. Her mishaps in the port town simply weren’t all that interesting, and there’s at least one 4th-wall breaking joke in really poor taste courtesy of the thugs (they attempt to molest – or potentially rape – a woman they mistakenly thought was Rike as ‘compensation’ for the misunderstanding, stating that it will be a service ‘for the male viewers’; luckily Rike saves the day before anything actually happens at all but this was just so out-of-place for this kind of series (especially as a shojo one) that I’m wondering if it was just added in by the animation stuff as some really horrible attempt at humour. I get that they were bad guys anyway but the ‘joke’ was really damn unnecessary). Most of Rike’s time in this town is really nothing more than an excuse for her to be able to explain the plot to the characters there. (Granted, after the unimaginative info-dump of Mahouka this method of showing the plot was actually welcome to me). She only goes to meet the King himself at the end of the episode – which is also where things started getting more interesting to me. It’s a little disheartening that the actual plot of the show only kicks in about a minute or so towards the end, but on the plus side I’m interested enough to want to watch the next one.
Because of the plot progression in the episode though, it’s impossible to really get a feel for how the series is going to be. After all, it seems like it’s going to be mainly concerned with the relationship between Rike and the boy-king Livius, however they have only a few seconds of interaction in the entire episode so I really don’t have much to judge on.
This is definitely going to get another episode’s worth of my time for curiosity’s sake alone. However, it seems that the manga it’s based on is still running, and there hasn’t been any indication of how long the anime version will go for, so if it’s longer than 13 episodes I won’t be blogging it. At any rate, the problematic joke I mentioned aside,  it’s the most (potentially) promising of the shows I’ve watched so far.

Well, he’s certainly going to be a brat.

Out of 5,